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What mobile phone has your high school child got

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samanthajayne17 Fri 17-Mar-17 10:02:58

My daughter starts high school in September. She is in year 6 and I'm now having to think of giving her a mobile phone. I can't get a contact and don't have a massive budget but she's telling me how all her friends have the latest mobile. What mobile do your children have?

Hyland Sat 18-Mar-17 02:12:16

My daughter is in 15 and in year 10.

Guilty as charged: we did get her a Blackberry when she was in Junior school and an Iphone a few months after starting highschool.

I will state that we both work. The iphone she got was actually second hand. Boxed up to look new and she knew no different.

Subsequent phones have also been second hand. However this has still equated to £150 ish. We have incorporated it into a birthday or christmas present over the years.

She had to prove she could look after a phone at the start.

She has a 45 min bus journey to school. We pay for a monthly contract, which gives unlimited text and internet a few hours talk time. (only to be used for emergencies really).

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