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Worst thing your toddler has got up to unsupervised

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ammylovesolivia Mon 05-Mar-07 17:17:26

oh and dialled 999 a few times- to the point that they threatened to charge me with sommat or other and phone is now on a high shelf.

And pood in bath.

PinkTulips Mon 05-Mar-07 17:17:20

oh yes and she got at the litter tray and spread shitty cat litter all over the room once while i was doing dinner

ammylovesolivia Mon 05-Mar-07 17:15:56

turds in every room of the house at some point in potty training.

bum cream all over bedroom.

poured milk all over kitchen floor 'making breakfast mummy!'

sun cream all over dining room carpet.

twirly painting with no lid on the contraption hence twirly painted dining room.

walked round house holding a brown crayon against the wall creating a 'border'.

Nothing dangerous but all highly annoying and even more annoying when you think 'I've only been gone 10 seconds'.

PinkTulips Mon 05-Mar-07 17:14:46

threw the nappy bucket into the bath

knocked hole in wall

scrubbed toilet with our toothbrushes

ate her own poo

threw every item of clothing from every cupboard upstairs over the banisters

and for all of these i was only 10 feet away dealing with ds

Jimjams2 Mon 05-Mar-07 17:14:19

ds2 got hold of one of ds1's poos and pretended to eat it. (played with it like it was pretend food- luckily he came to find me to show off).

MiaWallace Mon 05-Mar-07 17:11:57

You've just reminded me Cod, dd has called 999 twice

amynnixmum Mon 05-Mar-07 17:10:57

Ds is definately the worst for this even now at 6. The most disgusting thing he did as a toddler was poo painting

It was everywhere - all over his bed and blankets, his toys , the walls and the carpet. Oh and all over him of course. I had flu at the time and felt so ill it took me 1/2 hour to clear it all up!

2Happy Mon 05-Mar-07 17:08:07

When dh brought the cats water bowl in to stop it freezing but stupidly left it on the floor, found ds1 picked it up slurping out of it.
Eating soil out of plant pots.
Dropped dh's car keys (with electronic unlocky button thing) down toilet.
Took car keys to emulsioned door and scraped.
While feeding ds2 at parent's house this weekend, ds1 wandered upstairs on his own and walked into the shower. While my mother was in it. Mid-shower.
I'm sure there's more...

NAB3 Mon 05-Mar-07 17:02:50

He put his torch in the microwave and set it going. Cue screaming child and on fire microwave. First time I had left him downstairs while I nipped to the loo........

liath Mon 05-Mar-07 17:02:49

I caught dd up to her armpits in the toilet washing a dirty nappy that she'd fished out of the nappy bucket.

She looked so chuffed, too and said "dd washing dirty nappy" with a happy smile. Yuk. Serves me right for being a hippy cloth nappy user, really.

sweetkitty Mon 05-Mar-07 17:01:06

crunching on bits of cat litter with poo thrown in for good measure

MrsWednesday Mon 05-Mar-07 17:00:07

Hammered a wooden toy into a wall, creating a pock-marked effect (I did wonder what the banging noise was).

Whilst I was changing DS2's nappy in the boot of the car, DS1 was happily occupying himself by drawing a picture on the car door with a stone. My new car.

Took a few Kalms tablets too once.

Perhaps more supervision is in order.

bran Mon 05-Mar-07 16:58:47

DS did a poo in the wardrobe at about 2.4 yrs, he was very proud.

CanSleepWeirdShifts Mon 05-Mar-07 16:58:38

When nappy free, last week, she pooed on floor and I found her eating it . (She's 12 months btw, so not quite old enough to know better).

FluffyMummy123 Mon 05-Mar-07 16:56:26

Message withdrawn

Blu Mon 05-Mar-07 16:55:46

DS tried to make me an omlette, aged 2. Broke about 9 eggs, at least one went into the bowl. Cheese grater was circulating in the microwave, sending out sparks...."making an omlette, Mummy!"

paulaplumpbottom Mon 05-Mar-07 16:53:09

A painted mual on my Living room wall. I actually havn't painted over it yet, no point in doing so until this faze is over with.

MiaWallace Mon 05-Mar-07 16:51:55

Following on from the thread about leaving toddlers to play unsupervised -

What is the worst thing yours has got up to when unsupervised?

Dd managed to get a tub of emulsion out of a cupboard with a safety lock on it, somehow got the lid of the tub, and then proceeded to smear the emulsion all over the stair carpet and banister.

What tales of destruction have you got?

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