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Any advice please?

(3 Posts)
user1489576772 Wed 15-Mar-17 11:35:33

Hi all, just wanted some honest opinions.
My 8 yr old daughter initially wasn't invited to her best friends party but a few days later her mum caught me at school gates and handed me an invite. It would seem that someone not able to make it an this was an after thought. Not a problem, my little girl was happy enough.
But just found out all other girls had been invited to a sleepover after, but my daughter isn't included. She's not aware yet, but one of the girls she doesn't get on with keeps making cruel remarks.
I'm not one to get upset about my daughter not being invited to a party, completely get that they won't get chosen all the time and it's the child's choice.
But, I befriended a mummy who had fallen out with lots of other mummies and was isolated because of it. I soon learnt why she had fallen out with everyone, she's just not a nice person. I kept my distance, she became bitter and caused lots of problems for my daughter. She is now friends with this mummy and I believe that she is causing more problems.
Without waffling on too much , I'm thinking of saying no to the party invite but really not sure if best way to go 😬
Don't want my daughter to feel left out when they're all getting excited and getting bags ready for sleepover.
Please, any advice would be really appreciated.
Thank you 😊

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Wed 15-Mar-17 11:37:20

Do something fun with dd that day. . I think it would be worse just going to the party then leaving when everyone else is sleeping.

user1489576772 Wed 15-Mar-17 14:28:49

Thanks, yeah I was thinking along the same lines. Just didn't want to make it about me and my feelings towards the mum. Wanted other opinions to see if I was making right choice.
Thanks for your advice x

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