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Regretting giving baby clothes away!

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WS12 Wed 15-Mar-17 02:24:05

So 6 months ago we left the UK for Australia, and as you can imagine we had to declutter and be ruthless as we couldn't bring all of our things with us. We threw loads out and give loads away and now I'm starting to regret it confused

What I'm regretting though is getting rid of most of our baby things. I had bags of baby clothes from my son, and piles of toys, a swing, a bouncer, a baby bath... I only kept a few things like my sons outfit he came home from hospital in and some baby grows and dresses of my daughters, teddies from when they were born etc. I kept their hospital tags and all that stuff that's too sacred to even bin, I'll probably be buried with them one day ha ha.

But it's really bothering me I threw all the baby things away or gave them to charity sad

I couldn't sleep last night remembering all the things we got rid of. Even the Christmas pudding outfit I put our son in on his first Christmas sad why did I get rid of it!! I feel so sick as I'll never have those things back. There's loads of clothes I wish I'd kept. I should've stored them at my parents or something. Argh!!

I'm also so broody I'm dying for another baby, but it's making me sad I can't put the things I got for my others on them. At the time I was on a mission if you know what I mean, so focused on getting sorted I didn't really think about how I'd feel a year down the line with it all gone. I know they've gone to a new home and will have raised money for charity. By gosh I feel so sick, I should've kept more. My husband would have thrown it all out had he got the chance. He's not sentimental at all. But all them toys 😭 Why oh why!! What's making it worse is that I'm thinking we may return to the UK one day, as I'm missing my family so much, I don't think I can settle. So I feel I've got rid of loads of stuff I could have kept. I could have used these things for our next one. It's killing me.

Has anyone else ever felt the same? Am I just being too sentimental? hmm has anyone else had a declutter and regretted it?

Mouthfulofquiz Wed 15-Mar-17 03:26:41

I get a bit like you about things that I've lost or given away. I read the Marie Kondo book about tidying and it helped to change my mindset. You've already done the decluttering but it also focusses on 'moving on' if that makes sense?

highinthesky Wed 15-Mar-17 03:37:02

OP you are feeling very homesick and searching for the familiar and comforting. This is human nature and understandable, but everything is replaceable. Your kids however are not, so focus on creating your new family life together.

You have done someone a good turn by donating to charity. For the next one, why not buy from charity shops? You know yourself that babies grow so fast that their clothes are hardly used!


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