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Pushy Parent? Suggestions please?

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Nashanoo13 Sun 12-Mar-17 23:43:51

I really don't know what do! Suggestions please...

Today DD had swimming lesson, she has now had 3 lessons in stage3 all of which have been with different teachers that have initially said 'well we'll see how it goes' and have then said fine. (Bit of history she passed Stage 2 elsewhere last Feb, we had to move due to pool closure, she has then spent another year in stage2 before we've decided to swap to this one)

Today though they came out and said they didn't think she was up to it. My DD loves to be babied she's half the height of other kids and this means adults tend to think she's cute and do stuff for her. This is what happened today in the lesson. I did say to them to not baby her but they still insisted on holding her hand (not anyone else's). She's more than capable of doing it but just makes me look an idiot when I say she can, for her to look all doe eyed at them.

What would you do? I'm loathed to continue paying if she's just going to be rerepeating the whole year again. They're not cheap and she automatically copies the lowest person in any group.

Probably seems stupid but I'm genuinely stuck and fed up of appearing too pushy.

This has also happened at school, I was totally shocked earlier this week at parents evening to be told she wasn't ready to take home a reading book/spellings (1st year and many of her peers have) as she's reading at home, knows all her sounds and can write small words. She asks to do this so I'd assumed it was something covered in school.
Mentioned this during said parents evening.. they also don't believe me.

Fed up of appearing a liar or too pushy. 😩😔

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