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First holiday with a 12 month old - HELP!

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LittleNettle Sun 12-Mar-17 21:04:23

In 10 weeks I am taking my little one on holiday for a week for the first time and cannot stop worrying.
I am lost as to what to take - She will be around 12 months old by then.
I have struggled with PND so have quiet extreme levels of anxiety relating to her being away from home and am just so nervous incase I forget something.
Also my MIL is coming too (not my idea) and I am just dreading that dynamic. Already many ideas have surfaced of days my child will be away from me with MIL. I am just dreading it.
What do you take in hand luggage for them? What do you pack to take for a week away? And what kind if buggy would you take? How do I deal with pushy MIL?
Thankyou for any advice!

Enidblyton1 Sun 12-Mar-17 21:40:01

What type of place are you going to? Hot/cold? Type of accommodation? How are you getting there? That will influence our responses on what to pack.

I've always taken a cheap (John Lewis 30) umbrella buggy on holiday. Although at 12 months, we had a rural holiday in Devon and I found a baby backpack more useful than a buggy - we wanted to go hiking and a buggy would not have been suitable.

Afraid I don't have much advice about the MIL situation! Is your DP coming too? Perhaps it would help if you plan an itinerary in advance and let MIL know what you plan to do each day. This will give you a feeling of control and hopefully help you feel less anxious.

Tinks15 Sun 12-Mar-17 22:09:43 will be fine!

First of all, i would suggest to pack lots of snacks in your hand luggage, i.e. raisins, goodie bars, baby rice cakes etc. Also i highly recommend some books to read, a couple of new smallish toys that your DC hasnt seen before that might keep them amused for longer.

What time of holiday is it? Are you going somewhere hot or cooler?

Again, buggy depends on where you are going. I've always used a stroller for holidays abroad but thats just my personal preference. I just find them easy to use, dont take up a lot of room, plus i dont worry too much if it gets thrown about by the luggage handlers at the airport as strollers are fairly cheap to buy.

Pushy MIL i dont really have that much advice on but i'm sure it wont be as bad as you think it might be.

Happy Holiday smile

namechange20050 Sun 12-Mar-17 22:19:39

Why are you going if you are dreading it that much? It sounds like it's just going to cause you anxiety for the entire run up. Anyway if you still want to go I'm sure if will be fine. Nothing is ever as bad as you imagine!

My tips are:
Fold down umbrella style pram
iPad or similar entertainment that you can use on the plane.

Packing; just regular clothes adjusted for climate. Sleeping things. A few toys. Medicine kit containing calpol etc. A few days worth of nappies and wipes to tide you over until you get can get to the shop. I also took a few pouches of baby food when travelling at this age.

LittleNettle Sun 12-Mar-17 22:33:57

Thankyou for all of your replys.
@Enidblyton1- we are off to Italy for a week. I will look into that pushchair. I have a carrier I could use also but just in terms of ease some days a puch chair may be better. My DP is coming along - infact it was all his idea ...
@Tinks15 - I had the same thoughts re. the buggy as I wouldnt want my usual one to be thrown around and bashed. Also a lighter one would be better. It will be warmer - not too hot, but sunny definitely. I just want to be as organised as possible! The 'new toy' idea is very good!
@NameChange20050 - It was an idea put together by my MIL for my DP (long story ....) I realise that the best option would be to not go, however it is all paid for now and I do think my LO will enjoy it as she has never been on holiday before. My MIL is just a pain in the and my DP and her together = very very frustrating. I am pretty good at speaking my mind when I dont have to spend a week around her, but I just fear that she will see my anxiety and think I am a bad parent/use it as an excuse to take more control. Ugh anyway ...
Praticalities - I think a semi-cheap fold down pram is the way to do it. Food pouches is a good idea - just incase she doesnt eat what the hotel serves - she loves her food, but again it not knowing!

Thanks again for all replies!

Enidblyton1 Sun 12-Mar-17 22:56:02

Ah, hope you have a lovely time - make sure your DP keeps MIL in order wink

The buggy I bought for £30 has been brilliant (though might cost a little more now because this was 5 years ago...). Assume you're not going somewhere like Venice where pushchairs would be a nightmare on the cobbles and bridges?

We've been to Italy several times with babies and found the Italians to be incredibly welcoming and accommodating of young children. Many cafes and restaurants don't have baby change areas (much less so than in the U.K.), so I remember changing nappies on tables in the back of restaurants (at the suggestion of the restaurant staff!). A few food pouches are a good idea. I always take the Goodies oaty bars too.

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