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8 year olds and sleepovers

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Pigeonpost Sun 12-Mar-17 12:56:08

DS had two friends over for a sleepover last night. First time hosting but he has been to both of theirs. Friends came at 4 and we made the fatal mistake of not taking them out to run around like dogs and wear them out. DS had used his own money to buy sweets for them all. They were silly, noisy and messy. Popcorn got thrown all over the room, they kept stealing food from the kitchen (having refused to finish their dinner). They had several noise/silliness warnings from 10pm and at midnight I removed the silliest one to another room and made them turn the lights off and leave the door open. That seemed to work.

They slept until just before 7 and then then they all went out with DH around 9am to play in a rugby match for their team. Am undecided as to whether DS needs a bollocking when he gets home for being a silly little idiot or whether this is just what happens with sleepovers and we should have taken them out first. I'm not feeling inclined to repeat it any time soon but I think they were pissing around until 3am at their last sleepover at one of the friends houses so maybe I should just count myself lucky?

That1950sMum Sun 12-Mar-17 12:58:32

Sounds pretty standard to me!

I'd have a word about taking food without asking, but otherwise nothing I'd be too worried about.

Sleepovers are another level of hell, but the kids love them. grin

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