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7yr old DS at wits end :(

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youvegottobekidding Sat 11-Mar-17 18:26:48

Ok, so DS, 7 yrs, is a nightmare at the moment. Admittedly, on one hand he can be so loving, lots of hugs, kisses & 'I love you's' and it's not just when he wants something.

It's his other side, his behaviour - the shouting back at you, the pushing the kicking, the name calling (mainly calling us stupid idiots). Anything can trigger him - if I've not managed to do his hair right or if he hasn't - he gets angry, so I tell him to calm down & he'll shout at the top of his voice 'I AM!' If we told him to do something or to listen to us first time we get blah blah blah, even when telling him off or to say sorry for something he just shakes his head & rolls his eyes. Sticking his tongue out constantly when we are out is a favourite of his at the moment. And if he's kicked me, he'll deny it or say it was my fault.

We've got a 12yr old DD too. She's a typical moody pre-teen and yes, she & her brother are constantly winding each other up, they have never got on. They fight like cat & dog.

At school, there's been occasions where the teacher has had to hold us back a few times because ds has been involved in some kind of argument with another child. But other than that, on the whole, he's generally doing really well at school, he has a lot of friends & seems happy to go every morning.

There just doesn't seem to be anything that is getting through to him. He seems to think he can say sorry & still behave in a way that's not acceptable - I've told him so many times his behaviour is not allowed - we've taken stuff from him, even put it in the bin in front of him!

I've sent him to his room this evening because he pushed his sister for no reason. I let him down for his tea, told him there is no pudding for him & have sent him back to his bedroom, he can stay there all night now. He'll hate that because he likes to sit downstairs with me to watch tv.

He's just come downstairs, but to follow through with what I told him that he was to stay in his bedroom, he tried kicking me & pushing me down the stairs. I got him in his bedroom & told him he's to stay there all night now - typically he put his hands over his ears & said 'I'm not listening' so I got up closer to him & told him straight. He then grabbed my glasses & threatened to break them. It's like he's possessed! He's supposed to have one of his friends over for tea next week but I'm really really thinking of cancelling it - the only thing stopping me is that it's not fair on the friend!

How do I get him to stop with this behaviour & get him to understand it's not on?

SSYMONDS Sat 11-Mar-17 18:34:27

I wish I knew. Sorry I can't help but I feel your pain x

peripateticparents Sat 11-Mar-17 18:54:44

Kidding, we've go a very very similar 8 year old. We've been slowly chipping away at it with the peaceful parents happy kids method - she's got a book and also a website at ahaparenting. Requires me to stop my own shouting though!

uhoh2016 Sat 11-Mar-17 19:30:00

My ds (7) is exactly the same it's continuous mind numbing and frustrating

ocelot41 Sat 11-Mar-17 21:46:02

Oh its not just me then? Today was EPIC in its horribleness. DS had 7 tantrums -7! Over issues like being asked to get dressed, being asked to get undressed, having omlette cooked for lunch (which he likes), his football practice being in a different place to normal. I am lying in bed and I don't even have the energy to cry. WTF is his problem???

peripateticparents Tue 14-Mar-17 10:14:53

I seem to find wine helps too. Lots of it. Never helps in the moment, but gosh it's nice once the kids are asleep grin

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