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Newborn reassurance

(19 Posts)
BirdsInTheAttic Sat 11-Mar-17 04:02:18

Can someone please give me a virtual hand hold/head wobble?! And a reassurance that this stage doesn't last forever confused

DS born tuesday night (2nd DC, have a preschooler already). Birth fine, lovely baby grin , home and well

But NO SLEEP!! He dozes all the time, but will not be put down. I think my milk has just come in, so i was expecting the round the clock BFing, but I haven't slept more than an hour since Tuesday. Just dozed off with him on my chest in bed and now totally paranoid about SIDS. I know this is what DD was like too so I do deep down know it will pass but can anyone give me a pep talk?! blush

Orangedaisy Sat 11-Mar-17 04:06:43

Sounds totally and completely normal to me. Many congratulations on your new DS. This is a phase and it will get better she says, as she feeds DD2, 3 weeks old and still not slept for more than 2 hours in one go, which is also normal

MinnowAndTheBear Sat 11-Mar-17 04:09:35

Congratulations on your lovely new baby!!
Can anyone else hold baby while you get to sleep for a couple of hours? Hopefully you've got something decent to watch on telly tomorrow and you can just settle down and feed.

BreatheDeep Sat 11-Mar-17 04:13:33

It will pass. And from my experience it flies past with a second. I thought it would drag and feel never ending like it did with my first. But here I am with my 12 week old it seems no time at all since he was born. Like a blink of an eye.

BirdsInTheAttic Sat 11-Mar-17 04:18:33

Thanks everyone- feels better just to know other people are awake too. Long sleepless nights are just grim!

RaeSkywalker Sat 11-Mar-17 04:26:27

This too shall pass. Congratulations on your new arrival!

I'm just up feeding my 4 month old- the very early newborn stage is a total blur to me now!

NotFromAJedi Sat 11-Mar-17 04:29:00

flowers congrats op smile my 10wo has been doing 5/6/7 hour long chunks at night from about 7weeks (and once an 8hour sleep hurray!) am bf also. I was co-sleeping to just try and get any sleep I could as have older dc I needed energy for too. Like you I was sids paranoid so had two nights of really perservering with the Moses basket and now baby has no problem being in there smile yay! 'This too shall pass..' Good luck op star

daisygirlmac Sat 11-Mar-17 04:30:07

<yawns and waves> I'm up feeding 4 week old DS, I just wanted to tell you that normally he sleeps for about 3 hours between feeds...there is hope and this too shall pass for you smile

MinnowAndTheBear Sat 11-Mar-17 04:31:33

I'm up feeding 51wk old DS! Night weaning starts on Monday! Enjoy those newborn days and nights

BirdsInTheAttic Sat 11-Mar-17 04:45:40

Woo solidarity fist bumps!

DoubleCarrick Sat 11-Mar-17 04:52:55

My 9 week old has just woken for a feed for the first time since he was fed at 10pm. It's not like this every night but there is an end in sight to the newborn stage!

MrEBear Sat 11-Mar-17 04:54:56

It will slowly get better. Enjoy that tiny floppy new born.
2 and half months here, where is time going?

Ebbenmeowgi Sat 11-Mar-17 05:02:32

You're doing really well and it won't last forever! I say while feeding a 3 month old who still wakes for feeds every 2 hours! All of you with newborns who slept for 5/6 hour chunks from 6 weeks - I hate you!! Haha. Actually dd did sleep from 10-2 tonight for the first time ever so is not too bad. Co sleeping and feeding lying down has saved my sanity.

ButtMuncher Sat 11-Mar-17 05:28:02

I hear you! My DS is six months old this week and we are knee deep in regression/teething/development leap so I average about 3-5 hours of sleep a night, all broken envy

Congrats on your bundle of joy (and sleepless nights) flowers

Imavinoops Sat 11-Mar-17 05:51:19

Birds DD was born Monday so I'm in the thick of it with you and ready to soldier on through it! She hates being put down atm too. I'm knackered but luckily DP took her for a good 3 hours (somehow?) Through the night so I caught up a little and am trying to return the favour now.

Pleasejustgetdressed Sat 11-Mar-17 07:52:14

Would it help to set up proper, safe co-sleeping? I promise I'm not a co-sleeping evangelist, but sometimes you ain't really got a choice.

jessplussomeonenew Sat 11-Mar-17 08:03:12

I'd second what Please says - better to do planned cosleeping than be so exhausted that it happens unplanned, either in the bed or worse, on a chair or sofa. Googling the fourth trimester can also be reassuring.

BirdsInTheAttic Sat 11-Mar-17 12:43:40

Another belated thanks for all the support, all seems a bit brighter in the day, doesn't it?! Congrats to everyone else with little ones keeping them up smile
DS has been weighed today and only lost a little birth weight, so seems he knows what he is doing even if I feel clueless
RE cosleeping, I'm keeping an open mind! We did do it with DD but this baby seems to only accept a full-on on the chest cuddle and has been waking up even just when I lie him right next to me. I guess it's really early days though (repeats MN mantra 'this too shall pass'!)

Cranb0rne Sat 11-Mar-17 21:44:43

My second DS only accepted chest sleeping for the first 2 weeks, wouldn't even lie next to me in the bed. However, after a couple of weeks he was happy lying in his co sleeping crib.

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