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Favouritism by grandparents not in my favour

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Caroline54321 Wed 08-Mar-17 16:50:06

This is my first ever post and I'm looking for some input/ thoughts/ straight talking. I have 2 children boy 3 and girl 1. My mother past away and my dad is disabled. My sister lives abroad and is much older than me. My husbands parents and sister live nearby but the problem im facing is my childrens grandparents spend all their free time at their other grandchildrens my sister in laws 3 children. They never ask to see our kids and the only time they do is when we ask them to babysit which we feel awkward about as they never offer so rarely ask. They are happy to babysit when we ask them but its very frustrating and upsetting the imbalance of the time spent with each set of grandchildren. This has caused serious problems in the past between my dh and I as he seems to have excuses for them and isnt willing to talk to them about it. Ive spoken to his dad and his only response was they never call their daughter, she always asks them. When I pointed out that doesnt he think they should compensate for that by seeing our children a bit more I got the repeat answer about her calling and a whole lot of other nonsense. Anyway, back when my son was 1 and no change in their behaviour I limited my visits to them as I thought why should I make the effort when they dont. They then crazily complained to us via their daughter that they didnt get to see our son despite us continuously telling them to pop in anytime and they can see him whenever they want. I thought I was losing my mind! Lots of other things have happened over the years. Ive now distanced myself from them as it was causing me anxiety knowing, seeing and hearing of the difference in treatment. The problem is my son misses his cousins. Ive invited her to drop off the children to mine but i dont think shes keen as she only wants her parents to look after them. Btw she exhibits narcissism and is a princess. Any thoughts? Thanks Cx

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