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Toddler and a baby - how do you shower

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basilflower Wed 08-Mar-17 01:38:21

First world problem I know, but how do you shower with a toddler (2.5 years) and a baby? Baby is 5 weeks old so doesn't sleep for long at a time yet, and toddler still wakes frequently. Showering before they both wake isn't really an option, because either it might be 2am when I get a slot long enough, or I'll lose sleep doing so which I can't afford to do when I've got all day alone with them both (and the baby spends most of the night refusing to go in the cot but that's another thread!).

I did think I could put baby in bouncy chair in bathroom and let the toddler play, but the baby currently hates the chair!

How do other people manage to shower? Particularly those with poor sleepers! Or do I just accept I can't until my oh gets home later that evening? And that it will all get easier with time as they get older...

soundsystem Wed 08-Mar-17 01:48:52

Mine are the same ages as yours. I wait until DC2 is napping then shower with the door open. DC1 sits on the stairs (opposite the bathroom) and provides a running commentary chats to me. It's tough if your little one doesn't sleep much, though. Will he/she be put down at all? What time me does your OH leave? Is there scope for you to shower before he goes?

Kentnurse2015 Wed 08-Mar-17 01:51:11

Baby used to lie on a changing mat on the bathroom floor and the toddler would either play or lie with the baby. Now baby is on the move, I'm having to re-think my strategy!

notangelinajolie Wed 08-Mar-17 01:55:21

I waited for DH to come home from work in the evening and had a REALLY long soak in the bath. Beats a 2 min shower any day.

basilflower Wed 08-Mar-17 01:56:58

Yes you guessed right, the baby doesn't like being put down much! I guess I can just be quick, or accept that it'll get easier the older he gets (until crawling phase eek!!)

Laineymc7 Wed 08-Mar-17 01:58:06

I do it at night one dd 21 months is in bed and dp is home to sit with 5 week old. I then leave my clothes out of the next day so I only need to get up brush teeth and get dressed. I'd never manage it in the morning.

basilflower Wed 08-Mar-17 01:58:20

Ooo bath at end of the day sounds bliss! Though right now I'd trade for sleep, but one day it'll get easier and then I'll go for the bath!

missmayup Wed 08-Mar-17 02:50:56

I used to put the baby Einstein album on in the kids room, baby in cot, toddler in same room with LOADS of toys out and shut the baby gate so they couldn't escape their room. If baby was crying I'd either shower like the wind or if I was lucky, toddler would calm her for me! Good luck, I promise it gets easier. Mine are 21 months and 3 now and I'm well showered!! 😁

123bananas Wed 08-Mar-17 03:33:19

Many tactics, each one has worked sometimes and not others.

1. baby in cot with lullaby/white noise/asleep.
2. Baby in bouncy chair in bathroom.
3. When DH is home to watch both.
4. Toddler in shower playing with toys at my feet.
5. Toddler given my tablet and sat on sofa.
6. Toddler in toddler proof bedroom behind stair gate.
7. Baby in buggy.
8. CBeebies for toddler.

You just have to perfect the 5 minute shower and wash your hair less often!

Redkite10a Wed 08-Mar-17 04:41:37

Mine are 4 months and just turned too. I wait until the baby is happy awake, and put her on the floor of the bathroom proped on a breastfeeding pillow. She seems to like the shower noise, it always shuts her up - so it's only the getting dressed bit that I have to work to keep her entertained for. She was about 8 weeks when I started being able to do this, and is normally awful about letting me put her down so the shower noise really helps.

My toddler often chooses to stay downstairs watching TV. This is my preferred optin as I can't really trust him unsupervised with the baby. Occasionally he'll come upstairs and I then i try to get him to sit next to the baby and look at books, rather than sitting on the baby and poking and prodding her...

highinthesky Wed 08-Mar-17 04:56:54

I'm another one that would advocate using technology to babysit your 2yo for v short spells. Our LO won't budge from Super Simple Songs!

farfarawayfromhome Wed 08-Mar-17 05:00:37

i feel your pain. i only have one DD but when she was small she was a horror, would not be left at all. the number of showers i had with her screaming blue murder in the bouncy chair next to me....bloody grim!

i would use whatever means necessary- ipad etc for the older one , or as someone has sensibly suggested, shower or bath when DH gets in...

blackteaplease Wed 08-Mar-17 05:31:42

I try to shower before DH leaves for work, our youngest is now 16 months and I cannot leave him alone with the 4yo as they fight.

icklekid Wed 08-Mar-17 05:35:19

Was going to say same as redkite shower is like white noise so even if baby unhappy being put down they might tolerate it for a short time. I used bath support or mat for baby. Toddler can come in now he's ok with baby. Previously used to use tv to distract as didn't trust him!

Believeitornot Wed 08-Mar-17 05:35:26

Every morning when DH was at home before he left for work.

SorrelSoup Wed 08-Mar-17 05:39:19

I remember going through this. I was having cbt at the time and the counsellor said, so you think all the women round the world with babies aren't showering???

In the end I just made sure they were safe; I was quick; I accepted that when I turned the water off there would probably be crying. I used cots or bouncy chair. The house was very child proofed with gates everywhere. I used to think I'd made it after I'd had a shower! A few minutes crying won't hurt them and a shower will make a massive difference to how you feel.

Phillipa12 Wed 08-Mar-17 05:51:13

Baby in bouncer or blanket on floor, they will be fine crying for 5 mins. Toddler watching cbeebies or doing whatever he usually did prior to baby being born. Its amazing how quickly you can shower, get dressed and apply a bit of make up when you have too.

minipie Wed 08-Mar-17 08:14:19

Do you have a cot mobile that turns and plays music (eg Tiny Love or Fisher Price) - this was my shower saviour.

Toddler then plays somewhere contained/watches TV

Scrumptiouscrumpets Wed 08-Mar-17 10:19:07

I put the baby on the changing mat right next to the shower. I make eye contact with him and pull funny faces while I shower and he loves it, tbh I do too. It's lovely to see him giggle. Even when he was tiny, he used to find it fascinating watch me shower.
Toddler is in the bathroom too and playing by himself with whatever he fancies, he's used to me showering during the day because I've always done it that way - the precious hours when the kids are asleep are for doing stuff I enjoy.

Nottalotta Thu 09-Mar-17 12:52:27

How I wish I had a shower. Just a bath here, no bloody chance with 19month and 3.5 weeks

DirtyDancing Mon 13-Mar-17 22:39:13

Shower, get dressed and clean teeth before DH leaves for work.

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