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Dropped percentiles... should I be worried?

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LittleLionMansMummy Tue 07-Mar-17 20:47:38

Dd is 14 weeks old, breastfed. She was 8lbs 14oz when she was born - 75th percentile. She regained her birth weight within 2 weeks and when I got her weighed at 8 weeks she was still following the 75th. I didn't bother getting her weighed again for quite a while as everything has seemed fine, but thought I'd double check so took her today as we were out for a walk anyway going past the weigh in clinic. She's dropped to the 50th and they want her back again in 2 weeks to check she stays following the 50th.

I've fed her on demand and taken my cues from her, but she's begun to put herself on a more reliable 'routine' lately, including feeds.

She's been refluxy since birth which has improved lately. She's just had a bad cold/ cough but has still been feeding well. If you looked at her you'd say she was bonny and we'll covered, exceptionally content and ever smiling. She certainly lets me know when she's hungry but never takes more than one boob. She goes 3 to 4 hours in the day between feeds and currently wakes for one feed at night, so is doing two 5/6 hour stretches. She's met all her milestones on time or slightly early. I honestly hadn't noticed anything different or of concern in her feeding - wees/ poos nice and frequently. She always seems sated after feeds and is a happy little girl - everyone comments on how placid she is.

What does it mean and what might have caused this? Do I need to do anything differently? The hv didn't seem hugely worried, but it does seem like quite a drop and they made a point of telling me to go back in two weeks.

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