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Will social services be concerned if my friend has met up with her abusive ex?

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JellyFlood89 Tue 07-Mar-17 10:46:11

Long story, will try to be succinct. My friend had a baby with a nasty bastard of a man - finally left him after one of the many times he attacked her, and got a protective order/restraining order (not sure which one). It went to court and he got a 12 week sentence, suspended for a year (what a joke.)

Despite all of mine and another friends efforts to talk some sense into her, she has met with him a few times since. One time I even got the police to go round to do a welfare check when she met with him then went off the radar for hours.

Anyway, he barged into her flat the other day and she called the police, they went looking for him, didn't find him. He sent her a text saying "If you don't get the police to back off then i'll get the baby taken from you" - meaning that he'd tell social services that she met with him, thinking that this would mean they would deem the baby to be in danger and take her away.

I've tried to get her to show the police this message, because surely that's blackmail? But she wouldn't because she was worried about getting in trouble with social services.

Now she has had a call from social services, we assume he went ahead and made a call - my question is, would her meeting with him get her in any legal trouble, or trouble with social services? She really shouldn't have met with him, but that's what happens when you're being manipulated by an abuser.

Thanks for any help

sparechange Tue 07-Mar-17 11:09:44

You might want to get this moved into a different topic with more footfall. There are lots of posters who are social workers, and might be able to help.

Is she getting any help or counselling to help deal with what's happened to her and hopefully move on?

aginghippy Tue 07-Mar-17 11:20:31

The call from ss might not be because of the ex contacting them. If the child was present when the police got involved, the police would have made a referral to ss. It's standard procedure, they are required to do this.

SS will want to make sure she keeps the baby safe.

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