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whats the worst thign oyu have shouted at an uncomprehending baby

(191 Posts)
FluffyMummy123 Sat 03-Mar-07 18:57:21

Message withdrawn

LittleBlueBoat Sun 05-Jun-11 11:30:43

Another one 4 years old?

I'm still not getting the codeword confused

But all the post are funny

eversoslightlytired Fri 03-Jun-11 22:35:12

Oh blimey!

PurveyorOfBaloney Fri 03-Jun-11 22:31:54

This thread is also 4 (read them, FOUR) years old. But don't let that spoil your fun grin

eversoslightlytired Fri 03-Jun-11 22:30:22

This thread is hilarious. DS at 2 weeks old "What more do you fucking want from me? Shut the fuck up!". DH came back to find me sobbing out side back door whilst smoking myself to death mumbling "I shouted at him. He hates me"

localcrackpot Fri 03-Jun-11 18:36:01

slowreader I love you. That's amazing. I am crying with laughter. I will sing that song to baby crackpot.

sazzybee Mon 20-Aug-07 21:01:32

I have shouted 'shut the fuck up' at least once. Also I do shh/pat and have found that you can shhh in a very angry way to my shame

I love the kum ba yah

msappropriate Mon 20-Aug-07 20:53:21

god this thread has made me feel sooo much better at my outbursts in the night which always involved lots of swearing.

miniegg Mon 20-Aug-07 20:49:47

i shouted "fxxxing shut the fxxx up, or I am going to throw myself out of the window" ! to my two week old. i am really ashamed of it but i was at breaking point. obviously I didn't mean it!

LoveAngel Mon 20-Aug-07 19:55:38

'I am going to get ill and have to go into hospital if I don't get some sleep...then you won't have a mummy! See how you like that!'

Considering DS was about 4 months old, I don't think my little threat bothered him too much.

Go, the things sleep deprivation drive you to.

mixedmama Mon 20-Aug-07 18:49:33

Nothing to contribute, but just wanted to say that I couldnt read this thread as it had me laughing uncoontrolably at my desk and I was getting funny looks.

allgonebellyup Sun 12-Aug-07 20:47:07


me, a sobbing wreck, to dd when around 3 weeks old and constant crying night and day with no gasps for air.

smeeinit Sun 12-Aug-07 20:32:49

OMG,i feel so relieved,i thought it was just me that had shouted expletives at a tiny baby!............I AM NORMAL!!! woohoo!!!

FluffyMummy123 Sun 12-Aug-07 20:30:03

Message withdrawn

mamadoc Sun 12-Aug-07 20:28:25

Lots of stuff on here ringing bells for me.

5 week old DD crying and crying for seemingly no reason I was trying to do that baby whisperer Shh and pat thing and gradualy realised that the Shh was getting louder and louder until it morphed into a full on SHHHHUT the F**k up!! Probably not quite what the BW meant..

LaBoheme Sun 12-Aug-07 15:02:09

"If you don't let me sleep I will die"

LOL. Suzy I said the exact same thing yo my 6 week old DD...this is bringing back the newborn stage to me. Never shouted (didn't have the energy) but just used to sob snd sob all night. Awful stage!

slowreader Sun 12-Aug-07 14:12:20

During screaming hairwashings, sung to the tune of 'Just the way you look tonight'

Living in your hair
Safe behind your ears
Clinging very tightly
'Cos they love you
Just the way you look tonight.

Found I could sing this louder than they could yell.

CatIsSleepy Sun 12-Aug-07 14:10:29

I did plenty of swearing at newborn dd whilst in the throes of horrendous sleep deprivation and being unable to comprehend what more she could possibly want from me...
am not proud of it but I was at the end of my tether and needed to let the anguish out somehow!

and on occasion I burst into tears too so that both of us were sobbing hysterically...

and I remember dh saying once at about 3 in the morning when dd was crying "god, having a baby is boring"
not very constructive, I thought

gess Sun 12-Aug-07 13:52:37

I've shouted worse at an uncomprehending ds1. Especially in the middle of the night. Always felt awful afterwards.

JeremyVile Sun 12-Aug-07 13:51:18

Thats exactly how i felt too.

Reading this stopped me feeling like an uncaring freak.

And actually, realising that i was not an oddity took away alot of my frustrations at these times and honestly, since reading it i deal with it all much better.

I hoped others might feel the same, thats why i bumped it.

RFCMummy Sun 12-Aug-07 13:46:48

This thread has taken a load of guilt off my mind and made me feel normal again so thank you!!! Only the other night after feeding DD2 at 2.30 am and she wouldn't go back to sleep I was like 'for goodness sake go to sleep', and then whem she wouldn't I was like 'well grunt and chunt to yourself then because I am not listening' then put the pillow over my head to try and sleep but of course couldn't while she was unsettled so ended up bringing her in bed with me and stroking her head until she slept!

massivebigpantsface Sun 12-Aug-07 09:57:24

what a relief to see this thread as for the first time since she was born dh lost his patience with whinging 6.5m dd whilst trying to rush round and get ready to go out yesterday.
he didn't shout but snapped "we're going in a minute you stupid cow!!!!"

He felt awful afterwards and spent the rest of the day cuddling and playing and singing songs.

MrsJohnCusack Sun 12-Aug-07 09:47:24

oh I've defintely sworn
try not to in front of the 2 year old, but certainly have hissed obscenities at my sweet little baby at 3am

WideWebWitch Sun 12-Aug-07 09:45:09

lol Sw and lots of us did

suzywong Sun 12-Aug-07 09:44:22

of course with lots of expletives thrown in to the mix

I wanted to read the thread first to see if anyone was going to admit to swearing.

suzywong Sun 12-Aug-07 09:40:40

"If you don't let me sleep I will die"

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