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whats the worst thign oyu have shouted at an uncomprehending baby

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FluffyMummy123 Sat 03-Mar-07 18:57:21

Message withdrawn

MrsJohnCusack Sun 12-Aug-07 09:17:36

oh now I feel worse

LadyTophamHatt Sun 12-Aug-07 07:41:46


I've virtually begged, in whispered tones while close to tears for them to go to sleep many many many times but haven't shouted, not when they are babies.

The big ones get shouted at though.

MrsJohnCusack Sun 12-Aug-07 07:20:00

ooooooh I was just thinking of this thread the other day whilst snapping at my very grouchy 5 month old 'for god's sake, why don't you just SHUT UP' 'what's wrong NOW' 'JUST STOP IT' and 'STOP BITING ME PLEASE'

of course it always feel like it's just you. nice to know that it isn't

madamez Sun 12-Aug-07 01:52:24

Never shouted at DS when he was a tiny baby, did begin to mutter 'stop that or you'll get a smack' when he was about 9 months old and wouldn't lie still when being changed. Did NOT smack him btw. Before you all think I'm disgustingly smug, DS was a colic-free baby and before I had him I had been working in a job which had been constant sleep deprivation so that was the bit I found easy to deal with... Since toddlerhood I have yelled at him on many an occasion SHUT UP! I don't care just WALK and done the bitch-face-dragging-howling-toddler-up-the-road LOADS.

And then last night, in the corner shop, he announced beamingly to the staff @Mummy hit me@. I DONT hit him. I nearly melted away on the spot.

JeremyVile Sun 12-Aug-07 01:15:43

For anyone struggling to keep patient with a screaming child when all you want to do is sleep.

It really helped me reading all these - and is one of the funniest threads i can recall.

Wotz Wed 30-May-07 19:49:53

AnnabelCaramel - lol

My dh says if all else fails give them chocolate...

AnnabelCaramel Wed 14-Mar-07 19:17:03

It wasn't shouted but sung on a particularly bad day, "I'm going to have to put you in the bin, and not even the recycling one because it wouldn't be fair on anyone else to have to deal with this"

I will tell him one day

rydercup Wed 14-Mar-07 19:07:10

whilst attaching my DS (about 2 weeks old) to a very sore nipple.......I shouted 'stop it...your just being nasty now!!!!'. As if!!!

CODalmighty Wed 14-Mar-07 15:00:08


ishouldbeironing Wed 14-Mar-07 14:59:38

My DH yelled at one of my DTS after she had been crying for hours
"Okay raise one finger if you are hungry
2 if you need your nappy changed
and 3 for something else "

JanH Fri 09-Mar-07 21:13:03

A lot of these posts are ringing really really clangy bells with me but you know what? After 15-20 years YOU FORGET IT ALL!

(Or is that just me going senile )

DeviousDaffodil Fri 09-Mar-07 21:01:59

'Can't you bloody well do something else but eat, poo and be sick?'

to a 5 week old baby, er no not really...

Greensleeves Fri 09-Mar-07 21:01:34

Oddly enough, it had that effect on me as well compo

compo Fri 09-Mar-07 20:59:42

Greensleeves I don't know why, but your brother's comment has nearly made me pmsl

taffy101 Fri 09-Mar-07 20:54:39

PSML at frizbe dh!!

Ilovemyboy Fri 09-Mar-07 16:28:50

Called my DS a 'little dickhead' once...he was about 6 weeks old and colicky. Felt bad as soon as I said it.

I don't recall ever shouting at him though.

DaisyMOO Fri 09-Mar-07 16:07:10

A friend of mine says that her baby started sleeping through night after she shouted "if you don't go to sleep I'm really sorry, but I'm going to have to kill you" Apparently she slept through from that night onwards

Frizbe Fri 09-Mar-07 15:38:13

I told dd1 when she was about 6 weeks old, that is she didn't shut the f* up I was going to drop her out the window cue dh grabbing her and running off downstairs with her for the remainder of the night until her next feed, and for the 1st time in 6 weeks I actually got 4 hrs sleep in a row!

Flower3554 Fri 09-Mar-07 13:48:38

My Nanna used the mantra "if you don't stop crying you'll go in a home with your hair cut short and a black pinny on"

Ask my grown up 3 what my favourite saying was when they were growing up, yup you've guessed it

My 4 year old when we began fostering " does that mean we are where the naughty children get sent mummy? Whoops

totaleclipse Fri 09-Mar-07 13:41:53

My sister once raised her voice to her 3 month old, 'oh grow up you immature baby'

glamourbadger Fri 09-Mar-07 13:40:33

"If you don't stop crying I'm going to give you away to an orphanage!"

mummymic Fri 09-Mar-07 13:38:09

greensleeves - pmsl!
after having a rough few days with my kids who are feeling a litte under the weather - they are whingeing and screaming constantly i was embarrassed to say, that on several occasions this week i have said WILL YOU JUST SHUT THE FUCKUP NOW!
i am now in absolute hysterics over these posts
i feel normal now that i know everyone else shouts it too
thank you all so much for making me laugh on an otherwise really shitty day

Greensleeves Fri 09-Mar-07 13:18:18

Me - just "shut up, pleeeeaaaaaaaaase" and "What?? What??????"

But I remember when my little brother was a baby and woke us all up for the fourth time one night, my brother (about 15 at the time) shouted "For fuck's sake someone shut the fat twat up!" .

charleygibbonsfanclub Fri 09-Mar-07 13:11:06

Message withdrawn

becklespeckle Thu 08-Mar-07 12:34:08

After a week of continuous fighting (with each other) I threatened to put mine on ebay if they didn't stop...

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