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Can anyone else help me word this...child birthday party

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ashleighbean Mon 06-Mar-17 08:20:04

So my DD is having her first birthday party with her preschool friends nx Sunday. We sent out the invites on 22nd Feb we have had a very slow stream of replies. I put the rsvp date as 1st March as I really wanted an idea of how many I was looking at. Now down to less than a week and still waiting on 12 rsvps my daughter attends after school care so the parents I am waiting on I either dont see as their child finishes at 3.30 or I always miss them when I pick up. I was going to write a little note and ask preschool to put them in their bags/folders but how can I word it with out sounding peed off with them/pushy/rude? As 12 is a lot to cater for on the chance they turn up or not to cater for incase they don't. 1 child has been talking to my DD about her party but her Mum hasnt replied and they are 3yrs old so dont want to take everything said as set in stone.

Kimlek Mon 06-Mar-17 08:27:18

People forget to rsvp or think they already did so a little reminder is absolutely fine! I've been reminded several times and also done the reminding. Just say 'Hi guys! Just checking that you got LittleAshleighBean's invitation for her party on Sat at 3pm at our house. Please let me know if you & your little one can make it please. AshleighBean 079***** x' Is that ok?

Ilovewillow Mon 06-Mar-17 08:41:46

Kimlek's note sounds perfect. Our preschool FB page had such a note recently and it turns out a lot of hasn't rec'd the invite as pre-school hadn't put them in all the bags.

ashleighbean Mon 06-Mar-17 09:28:37

Thank you so much have written my 12 reminders ready to hand out.

Kimlek Mon 06-Mar-17 19:03:01

So pleased I've been useful! halo

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