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11 month old spitting out food

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Rufus27 Sat 04-Mar-17 20:19:55

Our DS has been eating solids from a spoon (and finger foods) for a couple of months now, no problem.

About a month ago, as he was having his porridge, he stuck his tongue out and let everything in his mouth pour down his chin, which he found very amusing. Although it was funny at the time, I deliberately ignored him, but DP laughed at him so he got a reaction (I did point out that was not the best move). This occurred a couple of times.

Since then, DS has gradually started doing it every meal time and I am convinced he knows it's wrong as he slightly grins as he does it. We've tried ignoring him, removing food for a few minutes, saying 'no' and looking sad, but, if anything, he's doing it even more. It's getting silly - it's a waste of food, time and washing!

Does anyone have any advice? Will he just grow out of it or do we need to be more pro active? How? Could it be related to the fact he's teething badly at present (three coming at once this week)? He does touch his teeth/gums sometimes when he eats, but that's never a problem. He still swallows the food.

I know in the big scale of things this is trivial, but it's beginning to really buggy me - especially as he's not a big eater anyway!

Coconut0il Sat 04-Mar-17 21:15:37

If it was me I'd keep doing what you're doing. Offer the food but ignore the behaviour. Put a bib on/cover the floor for the mess and let him get on with it. I'm sure it's just a phase but it is frustrating when you see the food being wasted. DS2, 18 months went through a phase of just throwing everything on the floor but it will soon change. It's all new tastes and textures and seeing what they can do with it.

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