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Clingy child

(3 Posts)
IamRonnieBiggs Sat 04-Mar-17 15:07:19

DD is 8 and has become increasingly clingy with me.
I'm typing with my left hand as she is sat on me sobbing because I tried to go shopping.
She's never been the most confident but generally okay and may pull a face if I was going out for a full day at the weekend- today she doesn't want me to go to the toilet alone

She was fine last few days and now is inconsolable at idea I go out for an hour.
I don't know what to do and daren't leave whilst she's so upset!

NicLovesCheese Sat 04-Mar-17 17:47:20

Ach, I feel your pain as my 6yo is going though a phase of being clingy and it's so suffocating!
I don't know what the answer is, but am wondering:
-Who does she stay with when you go out and what is that relationship like?
-Has she read/seen anything lately that could have worried her? I read that 6-8 is the "age of conscience" when they become aware of bad things which can happen and worry/ have nightmares more.
-I also made the mistake of mentioning a health prob in front of my DD which was silly!!

Crossing my fingers for you that it's just a very short phase! x

IamRonnieBiggs Sat 04-Mar-17 18:19:21

Glad it's not just me

She would have been in with DH her dad - no issues - they had plans to play with electric trains and she was really excited until I mentioned I was going out.
She actually said I shouldn't have told her and just snuck out!
I don't know if she is worried something will happen to me.

She has been poorly lately and it is usual for her to be clingy then but she's much worse.

It's just very tiring and totally ruined the day tbh. It's making me not want to make plans at the moment....

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