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Suddenly feeling overwhelmed and exhausted

(8 Posts)
milkyman Thu 02-Mar-17 10:22:04

I have a 4 year old and 10mth old. I thought i was doing ok but suddenly feel exhausted and like i want to run away. Ds at nursery 2.5 days a week and dd wakes 1/2 times a night still- so does ds. I am on anti depressant after birth and am aneamic. What can i do to feel better. Dh is great but obviously at work. I should be thankful but feel teary.

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Thu 02-Mar-17 10:25:05

Honestly, go to work. I feel like this, hence why I work full time. It means I really my weekends with the children, and don't feel resentful and so overwhelmed because I get to be "me" all week.

I don't have much in the way of pay left after childcare but it's worth it to me for my own sanity and peace of mind.

Is this a possibility for you?

Otherwise, is there any way you can make some time for yourself every week, without the children, to do something you enjoy?

MrsDustyBusty Thu 02-Mar-17 10:25:07

Is there anyone who can come around and give you a break? It gets a bit much for everyone from time to time.

milkyman Thu 02-Mar-17 10:37:49

Thank you - i am hoping to go back to work in september. I just wish i could enjoy my time at home more.

ThreesMyMagicNumber Thu 02-Mar-17 10:38:21

Get your DH to take some annual leave and have a couple days bed rest. Don't wash up, cook or anything, let him. Read, watch TV and do little else!!!

Get a cleaner in for a few weeks.

Buy some floradix to bring iron levels back up.

Know that you are not alone, we all have days like this.

And yes, consider getting a job. Working has saved my sanity and made me a more tolerant, patient and appreciative mum!

Good luck...remember what they say...this too shall pass cakeflowers

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Thu 02-Mar-17 10:40:05

I know how you feel OP, I felt the same way but two under two was, for me, too draining for 12+hours a day. For my own health I have to work, and think the children are better for it too because I'm so much happier when we are home.

Can you change nursery to a CM and the baby go too for a couple of days a week?

ThreesMyMagicNumber Thu 02-Mar-17 10:40:25

Ah, just saw you are going back to work!

Don't feel bad for not enjoying it, looking after 2 of that age is rarely enjoyable. It's bloody hard graft, it's relentless and tedious in equal measure!!

LiveLifeWithPassion Thu 02-Mar-17 10:44:22

What things are you feeling overwhelmed by?

Definitely start taking liquid Floradix and eat as well as you can.

Take the kids out in the mornings so you all get some fresh air and then spend the afternoons sitting down. Put the tv on for them and just rest yourself.

Do easy meals.

Get dh to take an afternoon off here and there so you can rest.

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