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Birth stories

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user1486499646 Wed 01-Mar-17 19:15:36

Ive always wanted to share my birth story and hear others so here it goes.... On the saturday i was getting slight contractions come sunday morning having stronger contractions went food shopping then me and dp walked the dog for an hour. Got home and by 4 o'clock i said i wanted to go the hospital it wasnt a great deal of pain but i could feel it. I new it was time so was abit upset when the midwife told me she would probly send me home she checkes how many cm i was and i was 5cm.... And then flr about two three hours i was on the ball lying on the bed thinking im doing so well haha. The mw then checked me over and decided to break my waters.. Alll hell broke loose i felt it almost immediately the pain was agonising for four hours non stop pain the last hour was pushing constantly screaming and then i had to push out her head i will never forgot it hurt so much had no medication or gas and air it put me off having more children. But it was all worthit i love my little girl more than life its self and id feel that pain over and pver just to see her everyday

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