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WWYD? Dd being picked on by friend's dd

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Balsamicpearls Mon 27-Feb-17 14:24:18

I have a lovely friend who I see every day, kids in same school and nursery. My dd is 6 and hers is 7, and in different years at the same school. They see each other on the school bus and my dd is often upset as friend's dd teases her regularly. They are very different characters. My dd is relatively shy and quiet while friend's dd is quite bossy and very confident. I would not say it has got to the stage of outright bullying, but I am conscious it could go in that direction.
So I am not sure what to do - I have avoided the social activities where they see each other, but they are still on bus and in school yard etc. I want my dd to be able to stick up for herself and get other girl to lay off, but I cannot think of what to say, other than leave me alone. I was bullied myself and never had the tools as my parents always told me to walk away, which was not very helpful as it continued for years.
My friend is aware that her dd is overbearing with my dd but I don't think she realises the extent. This friendship is really important to me so I would love to find an outcome that works. Thanks

Rainbowshine Mon 27-Feb-17 14:29:02

Have you considered helping your DD develop her confidence and assertiveness more? She could have a selection of "ready made" responses for situations that she has experienced, that might come up again. A Mighty Girl is a great Facebook page for this.

Balsamicpearls Mon 27-Feb-17 15:46:48

Definitely. I just wasn't sure where to start. That is great thank you for that!

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