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How much do they exercise?

(4 Posts)
Rathkelter Sun 26-Feb-17 17:53:10

I would like my kids to be fit but am not sure they're getting enough exercise. Here's the current programme:
-scoot 10 mins to school one way only as CM picks them up in her car after;
-Gymnastics once a week but it's not taxing (45 mins)
-DS (6) was doing rugby 1hr at the weekend but hates it. He also says he hates the gymnastics too. Personal space issue? I'm not sure.
-Sometimes a bike ride on the weekend / playground visits /walk around town which they like.
-Can't get into swimming lessons as they are full up in our area.
Is there anything else your kids have tried and enjoyed that aren't team sports?
I'm loathe to pay for football after school for him to say he hates that too.

SoMuchPain Sun 26-Feb-17 17:54:30

5 year old does tap/ballet an hour. Gymnastics 45 mins and swimming 30 mins. About 15 mins of walking each day for school. Walking at weekends and park during week. 2 year old toddles along to most but does do a gym class too

Sparklingbrook Sun 26-Feb-17 17:57:59

My two are footy mad teens now so they do training in that etc.

Past hobbies-

Golf-DS2 loved it and it was all fresh air and exercise.
Trampolining-An hour each week at the local leisure centre. Lots of fun.
They also loved the roller disco. You could hire skates and whizz around the sports hall to music.
DS1 had a dabble with fishing but hardly exercise.

They would prefer 'splash hour' to actual swimming which involved a pool full of inflatables and v little swimming.

MeNeedSleep Sun 26-Feb-17 23:01:25

my dc 7&3 don't do any classes. we do go swimming, rock climbing, playgrounfd, walking, park run and cycling regularly. Atleast 3 of these activities are done every week, and in the summer we are outside after school most days, and then out again on the weekends.
We walk to school but it's only 2 mins down the road.

I hate team sports, so naturally my children aren't doing them but I wonder if they should.

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