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Taking 4 month old on long haul holiday

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happilyeverafta Fri 24-Feb-17 17:58:06

Wasn't sure where to poetvtgia?

We are off on honeymoon to Mauritius and Dubai and taking our 4 month old.

It's my first baby so I'm just looking for some advice on what to take, what must haves etc - any advice from parents who've travelled to either destination with a small child.

Baby is BF so that's covered and we have booked the bassinet on flights. Planning on taking the pushchair with reclining seat as it'll be his first time in it.


happilyeverafta Fri 24-Feb-17 17:58:43

Post this not whatever I've put at the top!*

BaymaxismyHero Fri 24-Feb-17 21:29:21

As long as your not expecting an amazing honeymoon you'll be fine.
Honeymoon is no place for a baby.
Took our 6 month away with us. It was a holiday nothing else.

happilyeverafta Sat 25-Feb-17 07:50:53

Ha ha thanks for your reply!

We can't wait actually, thus baby was very much wanted and special to us and it's not all about all day and night sex for us! So we will have a lovely family honeymoon ha!

I realize it won't be romantic midnight moonlit beach strolls etc but we are very excited!

BaymaxismyHero Sat 25-Feb-17 10:38:57

You have the right frame of mind, enjoy yourself!
Plus you can have a special holiday later on. We're having a late honeymoon/anniversary holiday this year now kids are older, just the 2 of us wink

PopsicleToes Sun 26-Feb-17 18:42:51

We are into our third day of a long-haul trip to introduce our 4mo DS to DP's family in Japan. The flights were bearable although we had 3 legs and all in it was about 24 hours travel. Motion + aircraft noise + bassinet was excellent for DS's sleep! Everyone said feed at take off and landing to avoid ear pain but he didn't seem that bothered, which was a relief - was really worried about that. People were generally very helpful and kind during flights/at airports. Esp the last flight when he was a bit fractious, lovely hostesses were helping to entertain him!
I think jet lag is going to be an issue though - have heard it can be pretty bad going back too. He slept well last night but we had a bit of a wobble tonight - awake for 2 hours from 12.30... Now i can't sleep...

Bringing buggy is a good idea, we also brought a carrier/sling which was worth its weight in gold as one of the airlines wouldn't let us retrieve it between flights - due to stopover in Paris & french airport rules, and we also had to check buggy in before security for last flight. We are very reliant on dummies for sleep so brought several spares but will still need to buy a few more probably as already lost one on the way over.
I'm wishing i had brought a couple more small toys with us, i also brought a paper mobile that took up almost no space and has already been v useful for entertaining/calming DS. Should have packed a few more as i have a whole book of them and they're super easy to make up.

Bhar78 Mon 27-Feb-17 20:56:32

What an exciting trip, I'm very jealous!
I have flown long haul a few times with my daughter. 4 months is a perfect age, especially if you BF as you don't have the faff of bottles or solids. And they are not yet mobile and are easily entertained. We found that other passengers are usually bored and quite happy to play a game of peekaboo.
Just a couple of tips.
I second taking a sling. Although you have requested a bassinet, this is not guaranteed. Also, you can't use them during takeoff, landing or turbulence. A sling will help enormously if baby needs to sleep on you or if you need to walk the aisles to settle them. As PopsicleToes pointed out, you are unlikely to get your buggy during transit and it will probably be delivered to the baggage carousel which is after immigration etc. so you may have to carry the baby for a while on arrival.
Take spare clothes and a plastic bag in your carry on bag for you and your husband as well as baby. I learned this the hard way when my eldest daughter did an explosive poo during a flight!
Take calpol with you on board. You hopefully won't need it but just in case.
Dress baby in layers as it will be either too hot or too cold on board and in the airports.
Enjoy yourself and have an amazing honeymoon x

Itsjustaphase84 Mon 27-Feb-17 21:06:54

Clothing layers
Plastic bag for poo explosions

That's about it. Enjoy x

minipie Tue 28-Feb-17 16:26:05

Sun protection!

Spray on sun cream - much easier. Ultrasun is great for sensitive skin
UV suit for sitting in pool between your legs. Hats that can get wet
Snoozeshade or large muslin to cover him up in the buggy when napping
Maybe a small pop up UV tent - means you can be in the sun and him in the shade

Calpol yy and a bit of teething stuff, you never know when he might start
Night nappies, the ones abroad are ok for day but aren't always up to nights.

Yes to a few toys, just basic ones, maybe a baby book of some kind, something crunchy/rattley (Lamaze type of thing), something to shake. Some hotels provide toys but they are unlikely to be baby ones

Sleeping bag - you can get cotton (sheet thickness) ones which are great for hot countries. Take various vests/babygros as room may be quite hot or quite cold (if AC).

Sling for the journey yy

JagerPlease Tue 28-Feb-17 17:58:41

Took DS to Dubai when he was 4 months, it's very family friendly in general. BF is really supported so long as you're relatively discrete regarding flesh on display - you can request tables at the side for example. Uv tent and Uv swimsuit (although we always waited for shade to go in the pool with him). Definitely a sling for the airport and for some of the getting around (beach is not pram friendly!). You'll find big stores around in the malls eg boots, mothercare, mamas and papa's (our luggage didn't arrive so had a do an emergency trip for supplies and got everything we needed). We put DS in the sling to go in taxis. And make sure to keep yourself extra hydrated as you're BF. Enjoy!

happilyeverafta Sun 05-Mar-17 14:54:37

Thanks for all your replies! Sorry hadn't been on for a while!

We fly via Dubai on the way and they have strollers in the airport we can use but yes to sling too - have a Mei Tai one (spelling?!) and emirates have said we can take a small carry on suitcase on flight so will have skate clothes for all of us inc a plastic bag ha ha!

I'm so excited!

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