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Poorly mum needing ideas

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Wootle123 Thu 23-Feb-17 08:52:17

I've been ill with a really bad virus for two weeks, on antibiotics for multiple infections now and feeling a bit better thankfully but really not great.

It's half term so I've got both DCs here (5&2) and although they've had a fun (ish) week with cousins and grandparents today and tomorrow are looking less so!

They're currently watching TV but does anyone have any ideas for games we can play / activities I can set than require very little energy on my behalf. By that I mean not much talking either as I've got a secondary tonsillitis infection!

DC1 is so full of energy it's mind blowing, actually it's not it's just that I'll poorly!

Can't go out in the car as I can't drive at the moment due to illness. Garden is possible but pissing it down and they can't be out there without me.

i could happily play a board game with DC1 but obviously DC2 is too young for that so it doesn't work. I know I've seen lots of creative ideas from people on here and hoping someone can give me a couple just to break up the TV / film marathon!

MyMrKnightley Thu 23-Feb-17 09:10:38

What about living room olympics, set up a circuit of different things and time them, then they have to beat their own time or team time.

- throw 3 soft balls into bucket (can be scrunched up balls of paper)
- balance bean bag on head and walk across living room (or teddy if no bean bag)
- Star jumps
- Hopping a distance
- hula hoop place on floor child has to stand in and then lift over head

All directed from the sofa with watch.

Wootle123 Thu 23-Feb-17 09:30:21

Thank you! This is a good one. They're currently building a den in the kitchen so living room olympics is next!

123fushia Thu 23-Feb-17 09:40:16

* Put a bowl of warm soapy water for each child on the table. Find some plastic cups/plates etc. Let them play at washing and drying them. Put tea towels on the table for them to put the washed stuff on - scoop up after and put on radiator to dry!
*Bit of water and washing up liquid on a tray - practice blowing through a straw onto their hands, then blow bubbles into the water. Give them their own tray and straws - less opportunity for them to fall out and need you to sort them out.
*Put a selection of ....water, cooking oil, flour, vinegar, sugar, etc on table. children have own bowls and spoons to make their own potions. I know it sounds like a recipe for a huge mess but if it's a change from what they normally do they will be engaged and relatively careful. Keep a bowl of warm soapy water nearby to clean hands if necessary.
* Give each one a plate with crackers/bread, small bowl of butter, jam, cream cheese etc. and a knife. Let them make their own snacks.

Being poorly when you have young children to look after is so hard. A bit of TV and downtime is good too so just keep yourself fed and watered and get through the day. You will soon be feeling better I hope. X

Aebj Thu 23-Feb-17 09:51:29

Do you have stuff to make play dough? Nice easy activity and you can keep for days.
Choose 5 smallish items. Hide them under a tea towel. Get child to either put there hand under the towel and describe what they feel, or you describe one and they have to guess which one it is. Or take an item away and they have to guess which one.
Do you have any big boxes they can decorate? Maybe make it into a car so they can then go to the drive in movies!!! ( sit in box in front of tv while you rest your eyes for 20 mins!!)

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