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back to bed with 2.4yo

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littleoctonauts Thu 23-Feb-17 01:24:13


I started this on Sunday night after removing the side bars from dd's cot (she's learnt to climb over themshock). DD just thought the whole 'back to bed' thing was just the funniest game ever. She'd get out of bed, come to me, and I'd put her back in bed. Huge laughter. And repeat 10 seconds later. 99 times on first night. She relented before I got to 100.hmm

2nd night dh did, he didn't keep count..3rd night (tonight) 57 times.

DD is in my room still (no option to move to another room) and I was sat on the edge of my bed. Mostly because I didn't have the energy to keep bringing her back in if I waited outside, it would just have made the trip back longer..

Is this a pointless exercise?! I don't believe in CC. Am I just doomed to another year of sitting next to her till she falls asleep?sad

ProudAunty2nine Thu 23-Feb-17 01:38:22

99 times the first night 57 the 3rd night, if nothing else it is going in the right direction and improving that's the main thing surely.
You've started now and made a good in road I'm sure it's tiring and a little aggravating up and down and in and out for so long but tell yourself it will be worth it in the end and would you really want to go back to 99 times in a few weeks time .

Good luck x

littleoctonauts Thu 23-Feb-17 09:25:02

Thank you for your reply. I feel encouraged now, I was really disheartened last night. It's very frustrating because she's not getting up because she doesn't like the idea of her own bed, it's because she thought it was a brilliant kind of hide and seek type gamehmm

catalani50 Thu 23-Feb-17 14:57:44

we put our 2.4yo DS in a bed early January as he climbed out of the cot and it's been a disaster. He's up 2-4 times a night (sometimes more) and comes into us and we take him back to his bed and have to pat him back to sleep each time. At bedtime he had been getting up but I just kept putting him back (mostly calmly, sometimes getting cross and shouty..) and now he doesn't really get up but one of us has to still sit outside his room (he shares with DS1 who is 4.6yo) and he chats and faffs around forever and keeps calling us back in to line up his animals correctly, straighten his duvet, give him another kiss and a cuddle - all things we didn't have to do when he was in a cot for some reason and now suddenly THEY"RE VITAL and it's infuriating.

at some point I'll tackle the whole sitting outside their room, but at the moment I just want him to start SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT AGAIN which he had been until we put him in a bed.

littleoctonauts Sat 25-Feb-17 00:01:55

ProudAunty just wanted to thank you again for encouraging me. Last night we put dd back to bed 10 times and tonight it was 11. I really hope this means we've turned a corner and it's not momentary success!! Thank you, I was really thinking about giving up and glad I didn't

catalani I feel for I actually haven't tackled sleeping through, as my older two just got there in the end and that was the easiest way all actually dd does as my other two did, she wakes up around midnight and comes into our bedblush this is fine for us, I just want her to start off in her own bed! We're getting there. I wish I had some more words of advice for you but as we're not quite there yet ourselves I haven't got any....lots of sympathy though!

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