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7 yr old sending my blood pressure thru the roof!

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CurlsandCurves Tue 21-Feb-17 09:04:31

Sorry, I just really need to vent.
DS2 is 7, almost 8. And he is currently driving me bonkers. He cannot say anything nice, or in a nice way, if that make sure sense. Let me take you through this morning.
I hear huffing, puffing, wingy noises. Then mummy do I have any shorts? No, I've not got you any yet this year. Cue a full on rant about how he's too hot in school and he can't get dressed because he's only got trousers. I explain very calmly to try and calm him down that right now at 8am I can't do anything about that but that we will go shopping tonight. Nope, not good enough. Carries on ranting, well I'm not going to school then, it's too hot I can't get dressed why cant I have shorts. then starts with some children are late for school and it ok, their parents just sign them in. He wants to go and get shorts NOW. Erm, no, you are not being late for school because you want to go shopping, this will have to wait.

I won't bore you with the rest but there were 2 other incidents this morning and that's before we get to school. it's constant. Anything anyone says he has to come back with some derogatory comment in an attempt to put them down. If he's struggling with something and we offer to help we get yelled at. He is always right, even if he's wrong. If I say it's a nice day he'll declare it isn't and then go off on a mini monologue about how it clearly isn't a nice day.

It's just draining.

HandsDontDoDishes Tue 21-Feb-17 09:06:46

This too will pass

Revisit charts /rewards etc

I thought mine were too old for that shit


We had a manners and kindness chart with bonus points and surprise gifts

We ditched it after about 3 months and all went back to normal.

Stay strong, firm and have clear boundaries

youvegottobekidding Tue 21-Feb-17 11:51:02

My Ds, 8 this year has been sent to his room 10 mins ago - for back chatting & telling me, well shouting at me to 'shut up'!

Honestly, his behaviour has been nothing short of bloody 'hair pulling' over the last few weeks, in fact since he started Y3 it's not been great.

He kicks mainly me, winds his 12 yr old sister up, and generally just causes shit everywhere. Trying to leave the house is a nightmare, if we ever get out before the kids kill each other & me & OH haven't decided not to go is a miracle! Even the telling off by his dad doesn't seem to faze him anymore.

We're taking things away from him now, no Xbox games, no football cards. Like I've said I've sent him to his bedroom. He won't like that because he prefers to be downstairs with me.

I've thought about re-introducing reward charts - (having done for a few years) maybe I'll give them a go again. Need something to get his behaviour back on track.

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