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Meals for 4 year olds

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AliceFish16 Tue 21-Feb-17 08:07:49

I am looking for some meal inspiration for my almost 4 year old. She loves plain pasta and grated cheese and would eat it for every meal if she could!! Ideally quick meals or meals I can batch cook, freeze and get out each day (we don't all eat together in the week as I am at work and my husband eats dinner late). Thank you!

CwtchMeQuick Tue 21-Feb-17 08:15:04

If she loves pasta can you make things like spag bol or meatballs to go with pasta and cheese?

Typical quick and easy meals my 4yo has:
Pasta with peas and sweet corn and soft cheese (with or without chicken)
Tuna pasta bake
Cauliflower cheese and jacket potato
Cottage pie
Spag bol
Fish fingers/sausage and mash
Chicken, noodles and baby corn
Cheese omelette with cherry tomatoes
Boiled egg and soldiers
Beans/spaghetti on toast/jacket potato

I tend to freeze a lot of meal components for him in small portions so when I make mash I make loads and freeze, same with spag bol, cottage pie, cauliflower cheese etc.

AliceFish16 Tue 21-Feb-17 08:20:56

Thank you! Jacket potatoes sound like a good idea (and something I've never thought of before!). I make lasagne but never thought to do just the mince to make spag Bol so will do that too! Great ideas! I think for an easy life I end up giving her the same things all the time but want to give her some variety (and a bit more veg!)

SaudadeObama Tue 21-Feb-17 08:22:21

Jacket potato with cheese or cheese and beans. Sausage and mash, scrambled egg on toast, soup (tomato, pasta, cabbage and hotdog, chicken) and crusty bread, Shepherds or Cottage pie, lasagna, various pasta varieties (tuna, sweetcorn and mayonnaise, bolognaise, cheese sauce, smoked salmon, cream and peas) homemade pizza, French bread or naan bread pizzas, fajitas with chicken and anything she'll put in it, pancakes with cheese and anything she'll put in it, omelette...

bingandabong Tue 21-Feb-17 08:27:25

I make mini omlettes in a muffin tin, add cheese,spinach, pepper anything really and serve it with homemade wedges & beans, they are also great to take out as snacks
How about chicken pesto pasta? I blitz cooked broccoli and mix it in

AliceFish16 Tue 21-Feb-17 09:01:51

Blitzing broccoli is a great idea!!

AgainstTheOddsNo2 Tue 21-Feb-17 09:02:41

Anything you can do in the slow cooker. Chilli or casserole for example. You can serve her. Have dinner for yourself when you want it and freeze leftovers

Scotinoz Tue 21-Feb-17 13:01:35

Things that go down well with mine (3 and 1) and are freeze-able are -

Mini frittatas
Courgette & feta fritters (Nigella's recipe)
Broccoli carbonara (you can freeze the broccoli part and just add to pasta then finish off)
Cooked pasta freezes well, and I always have portions in the freezer.
Tacos - you get mini soft taco shells, can freeze taco mince then just add cheese, corn, avo etc
Fish cakes
Mini burgers - like sliders I guess - you can do a batch and whack them in the freezer
Polenta chips - again, you can freeze the cooked polenta then just bung them in the oven to crisp up. You can also add cheese and spinach into the mix

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