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5 months and still having night feeds

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Laurawakey14 Tue 21-Feb-17 05:32:00

My little one is 5.5 months and he is still waking for night feeds! Between him and my 4 year old I'm knackered!! HV suggested solids but he's not interested at all! Anyone else in same boat or is it just me? Ive had a few nights were he slept through but can't work out what I did differently on those days to ones he doesn't! Any advice/suggestions welcome x

Chocolatebuttons12 Tue 21-Feb-17 05:34:52

No advice as my 5 month old is the same. Up 2-3 times during night and always has been. Do you breast or bottle feed? As far as I'm aware it's normal for breastfed babies.

ExhaustedPigeon Tue 21-Feb-17 05:36:31

No advice I'm afraid but DD2 is 5 months. Tonight she has had 2 wakes since midnight - this is a good night for us. 2 nights ago she was up every hour or less. DD1 didn't sleep through until 9 months but since then has been a pretty good sleeper. It will get better, you are not alone and I think waking at 5/6 months is still pretty normal.

dylsmimi Tue 21-Feb-17 05:37:29

That's completely normal. My ds is the same age and wakes for milk in the night. They are still growing and developing and only have small stomachs - I'm very surprised the health visitor didn't tell you this!
In my experience weaning didn't help as they are only meant to have little bits of food more to taste but still rely on milk as their main source of nutrition.
Sorry I'm not more helpful but it's normal and should pass and your not the only one - I'm up with a. Baby the same age and my 4 yr old has been up twice tonight so far too
brew - coffee for the morning! smile

PotOfYoghurt Tue 21-Feb-17 05:44:41

Having night feeds at 5 months is completely normal.

shartsi Tue 21-Feb-17 05:47:53

My 10 month old still wakes up for 3 night feeds. It is normal.

PenelopeParmesan Tue 21-Feb-17 05:48:29

Completely normal to still need milk in the night I'm afraid and adding solids is unlikely to make a difference.

Introvertedbuthappy Tue 21-Feb-17 06:08:32

My 10 month is still up through the night. Totally normal.

Verticalvenetianblinds Tue 21-Feb-17 06:11:04

Yeah, 19 months with a regular feed at night and solids make no difference! Good luck tho, they'll sleep when thier teenagers!

rainingkitsandpups Tue 21-Feb-17 06:16:45

Of course your 5 month old still has night feeds!?! confused he's a tiny baby.

Come back at 12 months if he still is. But 5 months I'd be worried if he WASNT quite frankly.

AuntiePenguin Tue 21-Feb-17 06:19:36

This is totally normal, I don't know anybody whose babies were reliably sleeping through at 5 months.

His stomach is still too small to take in enough food and liquid to get him through the night.

SandysMam Tue 21-Feb-17 06:20:26

My son didn't drop his night feed until 20 months! Sorry! Totally normal at 5 months, try to get some rest when he naps brew

BathshebaDarkstone Tue 21-Feb-17 07:28:49

DD2 didn't sleep through until she was 2 days off 6 months, the night before I started her on solids. Have you tried giving him a dream feed?

ems137 Tue 21-Feb-17 07:35:11

My DD didn't stop night feeds until she was 12 months old! Unfortunately that can be perfectly normal as well.

5 months old is VERY normal to be still having night feeds!!

ZeroDarkHurty Tue 21-Feb-17 07:40:50

Isn't that normal, though? Most babies I've ever known still woke at least once at that age. Both of mine still woke at 12 months (and some...)!

teaandbiscuitsforme Tue 21-Feb-17 07:57:02

5 months is still very young!! Of course he's waking overnight!

JagerPlease Tue 21-Feb-17 08:15:15

Of all the 5-6 month old babies I know (DS and his NCT cohort) only one doesn't wake up for a feed overnight. DS averages 2-3 times, I know others who are more. We've had the same nonsense from hvs about sleeping through - totally normal at this stage. Plus weaning has made zero difference to DSs sleep at this stage as he's not really taking much food in

passingthrough1 Tue 21-Feb-17 08:21:08

Would this not be very early to sleep through the night? Mine is 7 months and a good night up 3-4x, a bad night hourly. If we can consistently get to the 3-4x, I'm happy.

FormerlyFrikadela01 Tue 21-Feb-17 08:25:14

My 7 mo the old formula fed DS still occasionally gets up for a feed around 3ish. Weaning just increased the amount of milk he drank IMO.

Hgmother Tue 21-Feb-17 08:29:10

At 5 months old they still need night feeds, he's teeny still confused

Heirhelp Tue 21-Feb-17 09:20:40

My DD still has one night feed and she is 9 months old.

Introducing food often means they fill their tummies with lower calorie solids and so need more milk during the night.

Semaphorically Tue 21-Feb-17 12:37:20

DD1 had night feeds until she was about 15 months old. Infants sleeping through the night is a myth - most babies won't until they're over a year old, some children won't until they're four or five and that's completely normal.

MyBreadIsEggy Tue 21-Feb-17 12:43:29

As the others have said - it's normal.
5 months is still a tiny baby!
My DD had one night feedback up until she was about 11 months. Even now at almost 2, she gets thirsty in the night so takes a cup of water to bed.

Chattycat78 Tue 21-Feb-17 14:18:51

Same here. Nearly 9 month old. 1 feed a night. Currently trying to come up with cunning ways to make him drop it!

Flowersonthewall Tue 21-Feb-17 14:20:12

8 months and one or two feeds a night! Doesn't look like it's going anytime soon!

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