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Travelling with a 4 month old - any tips please?

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HopefulKate1980 Mon 20-Feb-17 10:06:49


We are due to go to France in July with our unborn baby who by then will be around four months old. We are first time parents and have no clue what to expect! It's a group holiday in a big chateau. Any help would be so so appreciated.

It is an early morning flight, requiring a 4am start - will this be a problem or will I be basically up all night and day anyway and it won't make a difference?!

Any advice for what to take to make the flight & holiday easier? Anything specific we need to take?

Thanks so very much for any help or pointers.

timeisnotaline Mon 20-Feb-17 10:10:49

Up all day and night anyway smile . It depends if you are bf in which case food is taken care of! They hardly use toys yet so they are quite portable then. Stroller, baby suncream, hat, muslins, comfort toys, clothes washing and stain removing stuff including a portable washing line, calpol, teething gel etc so you are supplied if you need.

teaandbiscuitsforme Mon 20-Feb-17 10:13:37

We took DD away with an early start at 5 months. She slept a lot during the day but naps weren't at normal times (as you'd expect) but the next day was fine.

Use a sling at the airport. So much easier than a pram (just check that in if you're taking one) and your baby will be able to sleep as you move around.

If you're breastfeeding, feed on take off and landing - helps their ears. The flight should be the easiest part at that age so try to close your eyes then!

I don't know about the rules with formula so check them out if you're planning to formula feed.

Don't pack nappies etc. You can do an online Boots order to collect at the airport and then it doesn't count in your luggage allowance.

This is a great age to travel abroad IMO. They're very portable and can easily fit into your holiday plans. Enjoy!

chloechloe Mon 20-Feb-17 10:57:43

It's the easiest age to travel and you don't need much especially if you are BFing. We flew with DD1 at 3 and 5 months - it's much easier than with a toddler! Don't worry about the early start!

Most airlines let you take 2 baby items for free - e.g. Car seat, pram or travel bed. If you need a car seat, buy a bag to put it in (cheap on Amazon) and you can pack nappies, wipes etc in the empty space (the airlines don't tend to look in the bag once you say it's a car seat) then check it in.

I agree it's best to use a sling in the airport and check your pushchair in. Whilst you can hand it in at the aircraft steps, there is no way of knowing whether you will get it back at the steps at the other end or if they'll chuck it onto the baggage conveyor.

mimiholls Mon 20-Feb-17 14:58:27

Just flown with 5 month old dd and she was not a fan of the early morning start as usually a late riser but this will totally depend on how your baby sleeps and their routine. I would second sling at airport and try to get them to sleep as much in it at the airport before you board. You will have to wake them up for take off and landing as they'll have to be strapped in on your lap anyway but to France they probably won't need to sleep on board as it must be a very short flight. You can take as much formula as you need on flight. Book an aisle seat so you can get up whenever you need to.
It's a reasonably easy age to travel as you can be out and about and they are likely to sleep on the go, but a lot depends on your baby so you will have a better idea once they're here!

Caterina99 Mon 20-Feb-17 17:28:22

We travelled when DS was 5 months, and again at 14 months. Apart from the sleep, 5 months was much easier as they can't run away from you and don't need much entertainment. We found a carrier essential, especially at the airport. Then you potentially need somewhere for them to sleep, like a travel cot, and a pushchair. Probably a car seat too if there's a car journey involved? If bf then it's easier, we were fully formula by then and it wasn't a problem. You can get microwave sterilizing bags, which were great for holiday

JagerPlease Tue 21-Feb-17 08:29:00

Make sure you register the birth asap afterwards and then do the passport application 😀

Try and create as similar as possible a sleeping environment on holiday as you have at home (whether that's own crib or bedsharing etc).

Do any of your friends have kids? This will likely impact the experience (and what you need to take!)

HopefulKate1980 Tue 21-Feb-17 20:53:53

Thanks so very much for all your help everyone. Really appreciate it.


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