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Help! I think I am being PFB!

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rememberpurpleronnie Fri 17-Feb-17 13:31:24

So at this mornings nursery drop off one of the staff mentioned to DH that DS didn't seem to understand the word 'no'! blushApparently when he goes over to sockets and is told no and taken away he goes straight back over to them again and is generally quite amused by being told not to! I'm mortifed grinand in fear of becoming one of THOSE parents I need advice! He's 15months old. TBH I almost certainly am being PFB but it's more due to ignorance than trying to protect the little darling. When he has done something naughty at home, like throwing his cup on the ground I generally just pick it up without a fuss, as when I have drawn attention to it or told him off he does it more and finds it hysterical! I suspect I'm not being serious enough when I tell him off. I also think I have been believing he was too young to understand at this age but I suspect the nursery will have a better idea of this than me. So, at 15months, what is an appropriate level of 'discipline' and how should I approach him doing things which are a) naughty not dangerous (like throwing a cup) and b) potentially dangerous (socket obsession)- differently or all just with a firm no which I apply consistently?

clarabellski Fri 17-Feb-17 13:46:56

For me its not so much about the words I use but the way I deliver the message, which is calmly and matter of factly whilst acknowledging his interest. I tend to also block DS physically from things.

I tend to remove his hand/block him with my own body and say something along the lines of 'That's a socket. I won't let you touch it. It's dangerous'. And then repeat -several hundred times-

DS (12 months) does ignore the sockets now. His current thing is the laptop.

The comment from the nursery is a bit odd. What he's doing is normal toddler behaviour.

clarabellski Fri 17-Feb-17 13:47:47

p.s. He's definitely not too young to understand you at 15 months!

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