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Clothing for harness for hip dysplasia

(3 Posts)
divadee Tue 14-Feb-17 14:33:59

After being told our newborn had a clicky hip at her 3 day check today we went for her ultrasound (she's now 2.5 weeks old). Unfortunately she has hip dysplasia in her left hip so now has to wear a harness for the next 20 weeks.

None of her 0-3 month clothes will fit but luckily we had started getting 3-6 Month clothes already and the babygrows seem to fit OK at the minute.

I know you can get clothes for harness patients but at £18 for one babygrow it's a bit out of our budget. I can't sew so can't make anything either.

Has anyone who has been through this got any top tips for clothing? Obviously dresses seem the obvious choice but I can't put tights on her legs so she will freeze if we are going out.

Also if anyone has any top tips for the emotional side of it from a parents point of view. It's all a bit overwhelming at the minute.

Pacha11 Wed 15-Feb-17 10:53:23

Dear divadee, I have been through this. My child is now almost a grown up and with perfecly aligned legs.
I totally understand the shock and distress you are going through. I was a wreck and always worrying until 12 months of age when we got the all clear. When we got the diagnosis, the day after birth, still in hospital, it was a horrible feeling. The moment I went out I visitited the library and got every book in the subject (no internet then). This info helped me loads.

I want you to know that this condition is curable, one way or another. It is also not rare, so the doctors have lots of experience with it and they know what they are doing. My child wore a brace from newborn, and Pavlik harness from 1 month old until 6 months old. They wore mostly oversized babygrows. To be honest, I did't really care much for appearances at that point. So long as they had some clothes on. I remember also using blankets to wrap their bottom half when still newborn and not moving much.

I know, you have a newborn and want to enjoy them and dress them in cute baby clothes, but if you stick to oversized babygrows, this is also fine. You have to do with what you have. They will grow out of it soon enough and then you can dress them to your heart's desire. It is only a matter of a few months.

Just keep going to your orthopedic appointments and everything will be fine in the end. I promise!

divadee Wed 15-Feb-17 16:48:59

Thank you so much pacha. Today has been a better day. I am getting more used to working round her harness for nappy changes and also managed to change her vest with some help from OH. I am just nervous of undoing the harness to wriggle the vest off at the shoulders. We managed it though. I have to admit she had a water wipes wash today for quickness and ease!

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