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STopping the children

(2 Posts)
Clairep91 Mon 13-Feb-17 02:18:02

Hiya everyone I'm new here literally just signed up today I just really need advice and here what other people have to say

Basically I have two children eldest is 7 and youngest is 3 I'm not with their dad anymore he is in a new relationship and they have a child together and I'm in a new relationship I have never been happier

There's a lot to this story get comfortable haha
Anyway he sees the boys twice a month that's it picks them up on a Saturday at 12 and drops them back at 5:30 on the Sunday! And that will be it then till the next time.. now my oldest is starting to ask questions like why don't Dad take me and my brother on holiday with him don't he like this he takes his little sister( him and partner have a baby together) my boy says things like that and it honestly breaks my heart I've told his dad that he is asking questions like and his dad blames me because he pays child maintenance he says he can't afford to take them away which is total rubbish!

He don't like paying for his children which is disgusting why should he not pay for his children things aren't free school uniforms cost a arm and a leg as it... recently he has been letting me down about having the boys and it's becoming beyond a joke it's got to the point where I can't make plans and now he says why is it every time I need to change you have plans of course I'm going to make plans for the night that he has them why wouldn't I!! But he thinks I shouldn't and I should make plans where I can take the children

I said to him today that I have plans so he will have to make other arrangements his end as it's his weekend to have them.. and then he turned horrible some of things he was saying were disgusting honestly..saying how I dress the boys is disgusting they are dressed as if no one owes them okay I don't put them in their best clothes but I definitely don't put them in dirty clothes why the hell would I! He should provide clothes for them when the boys out at his house I'm not sending them to a babysitter house

Then his partner decided to have her say basically calling me a bad parent how I'm a lair how I stopped him from seeing the boys years ago, I did stop him but only because he wasn't paying for them and even when he did have the boys the boys wasn't seeing him!

All that they do is bring up the past!!! It's so hurtful I've moved on from the past He done bloody worse to me than what I did to him I mean he left me when I was 7 months pregnant and he wasn't at either of the births if anyone should be bringing up the past than it should be me but I'm happy with my life I don't understand why they constantly bring it up! It's not him it's her they both constantly call me a bad mum all the time

I'm the person bringing up his children the best I can he should have respect for me shouldn't he?

His own parents say what a credit the boys are to me!!! Not to him to me!! So I can't be doing a bad job

Today just got worse my dad picked the boys up from his Mum house because he had work till after 5:30 and his mum wanted to go out around the pubs so we had to pick the boys up at 12

My oldest took a PlayStation game to his dad and he forgot it!! So on the way home from my mums My oldest wanted to get it so he went to their house and he was there baring in mind that he told me that he was at work it was dead on half 5 that's why he couldn't have the boys till 5:30 while we was at my Mum house My oldest called him twice to ask about the Game we didn't get a call back! When My son knocked on the door My partner said that he seen The boys dad look out of the window and he was on the phone!!! How *** dare he ignore my son! Makes me so f**cking angry!! Also my son told me that daddy smokes( he only smokes weed) so he has witness that... My boys have to sleep on the floor at his house! Oldest in a sleeping bag and Youngest has a bed made up with pillows on the floor!!! Honestly I'm fuming I'm so so close to exploding I'm not even joking I think enough is enough now
How can he ignore his own son how can he do that to him! I can't let the boys get hurt I can't allow it to happen! I'm going to stop him from seeing the boys and if he really cares then he would put up a fight

Please someone else tell me what they would do?
I'm so sorry it's so long xxx

Clairep91 Tue 14-Feb-17 10:11:31


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