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Things that dh still doesn't get after nearly six years of parenting

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emkana Tue 27-Feb-07 19:36:16

... that our dd's always ALWAYS need a five minute warning before finishing an activity they enjoy...

today dh was fed up and wanted bath time over with quickly, so he just pulled the plug out and said "right come out now"

cue mega tears...

it was so bad (and he felt so bad when he realized his mistake of not warning them) that he actually ran them a second bath

wrinklytum Fri 02-Mar-07 22:04:21

That a turquoise jumper two sizes to small and purple trousers two sizes too big are not a happening thing on a girl.

That giving the dcs chocolate mid morning results in them strangely enough not wanting to eat a healthy dinner.

That sitting them in front of a dvd is not the best way to stimulate and entertain a 3 and 1 year old whilst you bugger about playing games on the computer.

That having the kids for the day while mummy is at work also involves washing up,making beds,cooking meals and putting the washing through the machine.

That actually getting out of the house for a healthy walk is a GOOD THING.

The belief that that tinned hotdog sausages (shudder) aka processed bits of meat that not even a dog would eat are a great snack food for a three year old.("Oh but he really likes them he ate the whole tin" )

I could go on......

adath Fri 02-Mar-07 21:46:32

Lol Muminbrum I was thinking the same thing there is so many things here dp does, but if he is the same man he must be exhausted

MuminBrum Fri 02-Mar-07 20:53:02

Bloody hell, I'm beginning to wonder if we are all married to/living with the same man.

toadstool Fri 02-Mar-07 19:53:47

That leaving DD in the bath while checking email/ looking at scooters on eBay isn't clever, esp when she's learning to dive in her swimming classes.

That the Bedtime Routine wasn't invented by me to annoy him, and that it can't be replaced by making DD look at eBay scooters with Daddy instead.

That if it's freezing outside he should perhaps put a jumper on her, rather than say, "She forgot."

mishw Fri 02-Mar-07 19:52:41

That faces need washing possibly several times a day.

Teeth and hair need to be brushed before going out - let alone clips or hairbands!

When I say DD1 needs feeding at 5.30pm that means actually sitting down eating not starting to make food!

When I say that you need to feed DD2 (5m) now, it means now not when you've made a cup of tea, been to the loo, checked emails etc!

That some clothes do not go together

However he is generally pretty and gives me a lie in and encourages me to have a night out so I can't really complain

shimmy21 Fri 02-Mar-07 10:29:54

that shouting at children 'Look, I'm late for work!' does not make them think 'oh well in that case I'll hurry up and put my shoes on really fast then.'

purpleduck Fri 02-Mar-07 10:16:54

omg lillyloo that is so funny....and scary as i'm amazed my husband hasn't thought of that!!! My husband, as he was home yesterday (ok, he took the day off to go on a school trip with my son's class) I had to go to uni and he offered to "do all the morning stuff". So 15 past 8 he's telling the kids to put their coats and shoes on, even though their faces are filthy, their hair hadn't been done URGH!!!! Cue one very cranky wife!! He still doesn't understand that yes, their faces DO need cleaning every time we go out!!! But overall is very good.

KaySamuels Fri 02-Mar-07 09:25:58

These have had me laughing my head off!

My dp does nearly all of these bless him!!

His worst is giving them choices rather than just telling them. Teas is the worst he has complained in the ast about cooking 5 different teas whilst I have giggled to myself!

Yes my dp is ncapable of being quiet too ludaloo!

He also is incapable of letting ds sleep without prodding him ffs!!??! He says it revenge for sleepless nights and doesn't see my reasoning that his actions will very likely result in a screaming toddler! And his eldest is 10!!

ghosty Fri 02-Mar-07 06:23:43

My DH still needs reminding that putting the children in front of a DVD while he goes on the computer does NOT equal Quality Time with Daddy .... <<sigh>>

He also still does not get that a 'lie in' for me is when he gets up the minute the children wake up, closes the bedroom door, takes them off to the kitchen and bans them from coming in to see me for 2 hours.
To him, a lie in (for me) is bringing them into our bed at 6am and getting back in himself and going back to sleep ... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

But apart from niggly things like that he is a great dad (when he is here that is )

ghosty Fri 02-Mar-07 06:20:04

Got a vision of a grown man (MorningPaper's DH) in pink trousers and a red spotty top

Steppy1 Fri 02-Mar-07 05:39:37

...that trying to get DS (6) and DD (4) to tidy their playroom at 7pm on a weekday night WILL NOT WORK..... and that his 'motivational talk', at 7.15pm threatening to throw the toys still on the floor into bin bags...won't work either

then retiring to his office as 'more work to do' at 7.30, leaving mum to sort out 2 highly distressed, sobbing children isn't a good idea either....

earlgrey Fri 02-Mar-07 05:11:40

LOL at majorstress! God, that sounds familiar .....

Totally agree with the option thing, too. Conversation goes (and remember it's me cooking the supper):

"Would you like your supper now, girls? What would you like?".

Erm, no, it's suppertime, they're having it now, and it's X, not X, Y or Z.


"Would you like to go to bed now?"

FFS they're 7 and 8, of course they bloody wouldn't!

And when I was weaning them, breaking off bits of incredibly salty poppadoms and handing it to them was not a good idea ...

kama Thu 01-Mar-07 23:02:39

Message withdrawn

exbury Thu 01-Mar-07 22:36:17

Kama - no - IMHO - if you are within earshot and can still here general bathing riot noises going on, you can be pretty sure they are not drowning . Not sure my DH would stay within earshot, though...

kama Thu 01-Mar-07 22:28:26

Message withdrawn

kama Thu 01-Mar-07 22:27:50

Message withdrawn

lupo Thu 01-Mar-07 22:12:53

sorry should have read 10.30pm not 1.30 am yikes

lupo Thu 01-Mar-07 22:12:01

asking ds 2.6 if he would like to go to bed now...
I come in to find he is still awake at 1.30

dh response: 'well he said he wasn't tired yet...'

DeviousDaffodil Thu 01-Mar-07 20:43:42

Smith - sounds like y Dh.
SAys ' It's bathtime' and carries on watching tv. Now my ds's are good, but running their own bath, washing and putting pjs on without supervision is not on..

Themis Thu 01-Mar-07 20:41:20

Although he will kindly take the children swimming occasiionally on a Saturday afternoon , he forgets that the swimming trunks and towels will not dry whilst still in the rucksack and that they actaully need TAKING OUT AND DRYING OFF !!!


that the children have a bedtime routine - that is why they go to bed nicely EXCEPT when HE doesn't stick to that routine !!

LilyLoo Thu 01-Mar-07 20:39:04

Nightmare! Came back from girly weekend, Bliss. However friend not too impressed when neighbour advised that she had seen her dh out with the two dd's1 + 3 both wearing tops and tights. When questioned he thought they were leggings !

Smithagain Thu 01-Mar-07 20:32:34

Like so many others, DH doesn't understand that announcing that it is bed time and then carrying on drinking coffee and reading the paper sends out a somewhat mixed message.

And that it is no bloomin' use sending a vertically-challenged 4yo upstairs to get clean trousers, when her hanging rail is six feet off the ground. Or getting irate when she is still not dressed 20 minutes later.

DeviousDaffodil Thu 01-Mar-07 20:27:54

To bath the kids occassionally.
To not give them food that is past the sll by date.

ludaloo Thu 01-Mar-07 20:26:59

How to be friggin QUIET

Wallerbies Thu 01-Mar-07 20:24:41

my DH has just cleaned the highchair with some yucky bleach containing kitchen cleaner which I'd hidden at the back of the cupboard and the work surfaces with tonights organic lasagne still cooling. Well DS wont be eating left overs tomorrow (yes I've recleaned the high chair and tray. He claims this is the first hes ever heard of this and thought I would think washing up liquid would not be good enough!

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