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Poorly 10 week old - wake to feed?

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LittleLionMansMummy Mon 06-Feb-17 10:16:53

Dd has yet another cold. Before now she's not been too bothered by colds, but this one has knocked her for six. She spent all day yesterday awake, became more and more upset and unsettled, was sick quitr a lot because she's all bunged up and obviously didn't want to sleep alone. She slept in our bed last night, fed at 9.30pm and eventually went to sleep at 11.30pm until 5am today (so went 7.5 hours without feeding). On a normal night when she's well she does one 5/6 hour stretch between feeds. She won't be put down today (which is fine with me as the cuddles are lovely!) but is sleeping on me and I think she'll probably keep sleeping because she's cuddled up warm and slept so little yesterday. So, should I wake her for feeds or let her sleep? My milk supply is good and well established and she's a good weight (not even colds put her off her milk unless she's asleep!), so how long should I leave between feeds during the day/ night before waking her? Or should I just let her sleep as long as she likes?

Artandco Mon 06-Feb-17 10:19:51

I would let her sleep overnight. At 10 weeks she isn't newborn and many sleep 7-10hrs without feeds.

Between 7am-10pm I would wake her to feed at least every 3 hrs if she hasn't woken naturally. That way she is getting enough to go through overnight without getting dehydrated. If she starts being sick or diahorea I would increase feeds during day to every 2 hrs at least

Whatsername17 Mon 06-Feb-17 10:24:35

I'd offer her every 2-3 hours. Have you got a nasal aspiratior? I've got the snufflebabe one and I is brilliant. It has a filter and a mouth piece so you suck the snot out of their nostrils and baby can breathe. Whilst feeding. It's gross but brilliant. You can also get vapour drops that you can use in a bowl of hot water and that helps too.

ThisProductContainsBatteries Mon 06-Feb-17 10:25:59

I wouldn't be waking for feeds at all at that age unless there were weight or other medical issues

PleasantPhesant Mon 06-Feb-17 10:30:52

I'd let her sleep and feed on demand.

She'll make up for the 'lost' feeds when she's better.

Bit of baby olbas or Vicks on the back of her sleep suit might help/or nearby. No where she can rub it though

BillyButtfuck Mon 06-Feb-17 10:32:48

Let her sleep, sleep is magical for rest and recovery. Plus she might get used to sleeping longer at night and feeding longer.

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