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Giving up the Pull-Ups.

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EssieTregowan Sun 05-Feb-17 09:41:12

Ds2 is five and a half. He's still in pull ups at night and is always soaked.

The other evening he weed in the pull up as soon as I put it on him. Words were had. And then when he got up and came downstairs he weed again in it and soaked his pyjamas through.

So I said that's it, he can try going to bed in pants as he's obviously just being lazy about it. We've done two nights now and he's been wet (although not hugely so) both nights. Unfortunately he's a nighttime wanderer so he's been wet in his sister's bed and in ours.

Do you think we should persevere? Will he get it? I can maybe tolerate a week of changing the sheets every night, and keep him out of DDs bed.

Dd was wet until she was 8, and we ended up using desmopressin as she never ever woke up to wee. She didn't use her pull up to pee in when awake though, which is what makes me think we need to ditch them with Ds.

Any advice? Or shall we just go back to pull ups and wait until he can stay dry?

EssieTregowan Sun 05-Feb-17 11:16:08

Bump. Anyone?

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