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What to expect: worried

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Mumzy1dd Thu 02-Feb-17 16:40:30

Hi All,

My first ever post on here.
I would be very appreciative of any advice please:

I have a 2.5 year old and I am currently 3 months pregnant. My husband and I have a good marriage.

However recently, my husband had accused me of many things - I was upset by this as all untrue, he didn't believe me. He wanted me to confirm by finding out when I reported something to my GP. I arranged an appointment with my GP so my husband could see when I reported a medical problem.

I became a little emotional at the appointment as my husband didn't come, I also states a while back my husband brought cocaine to the apartment and suggested I take (as he thought I was doing this)- my child was having an overnight stay at Grandma's when this happened. I did a test to prove I haven't taken it. In fact I've never done that stuff in my life! This was because his ex friend was causing trouble. This happened a year ago. Everything was fine after he realised it was untrue. However he recently accused me of drugs again and cheating
I told my GP everything as I was a little upset and told her I think he has drug induced psychosis (as I know he had taken drugs at university) as he wasn't given me a reason for his accusations.

She said I was suffering emotional abuse, and because I mentioned drugs she had to report it to social services.

After the GP appointment, I realised it was the same friend and I was shown the messages.
He got upset and apologised and said he will no longer be in contact with that person.
Now everything is out of the open, everything is good, and he will not speak to that ex friend again. His ex pal did this because he owes us money and there's been tension as he hasn't repaid anything.

When I came to understand everything. I went back to my GP and stated what I had found out and all is ok now. She said that she still has to do the social services referral.

I live at my mums now as my husband works in a different city, he has been doing a lot of overtime as we are trying to buy a property. We only see him on Fridays at present.

Anyway, I'm waiting for a visit from social services. I'm so worried after reading posts on here. I honestly don't think I can handle the stress of social services.

Can anyone please give me advice-
Thanks in advance

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