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Proud and want to share. Anyone else?

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LoveMyLittleSuperhero Wed 01-Feb-17 18:14:53

So this is a boast blush not even stealthy I'll admit but I'm so proud.
Just for some back story, me and DD have had a rotten time of it she's 14 weeks old (I have a whole other thread explaining some problems). I had a c-section which went well but a couple of problems afterwards. I have PTSD, anxiety and depression due to the difficult and unexpected death of my first born and a pretty sucky childhood. Had virtually zero sleep and trying to do everything and feeling really shitty about it. DD had problems with weight gain when tiny due to bf problems, turns out I can't bf successfully, has had colic, constipation and reflux issues.
The last few days she has settled for 6 hour stretch at night for me, happily.
The last week she has played with me, actually with me instead of ignoring me and wanting her dad unless there's food/sleep involved.
I've been out most days (usually just supermarket or park but out) and I've cooked sensible meals for me and dp.
Then today, we have had my DDs first bath where she hasn't cried, she happily sat in there while I washed her, smiled and laughed at me. Cried a little while drying but coped much better than ever before.
I then dressed her in a matching outfit, put her in her carrier instead of in her pram, and took her to the baby clinic. (anxiety issues mean I haven't taken her half as often as I should have)
While there I managed to speak to some of the other moms AND....


None of this is much, but considering how awful things have been I'm just feeling amazing and I desperately wanted to tell someone. I know the mumsnet world will understand and I don't have anyone I can really tell.

Anyone else got something they are proud of? Lets not be stealthy parenting is hard!

isthistoonosy Wed 01-Feb-17 18:18:47

flowers that's great news well done all of you (baby, you and 'dad').
I remember when mine got back to his birth centile after similar bf issues it felt great and that without all the other stuff you've dealt with so well.

Well done 😊 bet your a great mum

littlepinkgiraffe Wed 01-Feb-17 18:18:51

That's fab OP, well done and congratulations! star

I'm so sorry for the loss of your first born, I can't even imagine what you must have been through.

Sounds like you have turned a corner with your DD and a boast is definitely allowed! smile

Trooperslane Wed 01-Feb-17 18:22:49


LoveMyLittleSuperhero Wed 01-Feb-17 18:48:41

Thankyou, I'm ridiculously excited over the tiny things. Finally feel like maybe I can do this! Tempted to put a tiny bit of baileys in my hot chocolate tonight to celebrate blush

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