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Help! Feeling anxious...

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Nongoddess Tue 31-Jan-17 12:37:05

I have a conference I have to go to - need to travel away (in the UK) and am going to take children with me and get someone to look after them while I'm at the event for a few hours each day. I've found someone who looks suitable on, BUT what would you do to check up on them beforehand? Ask for work references etc (they work in a nursery)? I'm going to spend a bit of time with this person beforehand but only a few hours. With babysitting at home I've always gone for personal recommendations or someone who works in the DCs nursery (they're both pre-school). But that's not an option away from home, and no agencies had anyone suitable: I like the sound of this person and their profile but what can I reasonably do beforehand to check they are genuine? Got myself into a right state about it, but other people must do this sort of thing....? Thanks all for replies!

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