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18th birthday parties

(2 Posts)
user1485782958 Mon 30-Jan-17 14:13:25

Just had my daughters 18th on Saturday at local village hall. 60guests 17 and 18year olds, all privately educated. The behaviour was mind boggling. A total lack of respect for ancient village hall and contents. Lavatories smashed. Childrens Sunday school artwork ruined and stamped on. One bite taken out of Pizza slices then thrown on the floor along with full cans of beer. Drinks thrown everywhere. Food up the walls. Teenagers so drunk they couldn't stand up. Swigging vodka from the bottle
Apparently this behaviour is ok as they are just teenagers. it is condoned by ex-husband as 'high jinks' and I am an old fuddyduddy who needs to lighten up. Needless to say that daughter has left home to live with her father as I am 'over-reacting'.
No apologies, no remorse. Just appalled. I expect this has been experienced by others out there?

2014newme Mon 30-Jan-17 14:18:33

How terrible.
You must be really upset.
Teenagers can be silly regardless of the cost of their education. Sounds like they were smashed. Problem with village hall is that it's no subject to underage drinking restrictions.

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