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help with my daughter

(2 Posts)
wiziliz Mon 30-Jan-17 04:43:01

Hello Everyone,
I have a nearly 12-year-old daughter, very bright, very organised, and used to be bubbly and active, and full of life. Nearly a year ago she made friends with this girl, she goes to the same school as my DD, lives few doors next to us, they became very close and they meet up every day, etc etc. The problem is this girl doesn't have any social manners, extremelyyyy fussy when it comes to food, when you talk to her she just kinda gives an ' i am not listening' or just doesn't respond. she doesn't have any medical issues. Day before yesterday she came for a sleepover , she didn't even have a sip of water at my house, by lunch time, she went to her house had something to eat and came back, my DD is a very healthy eater, the whole time her friend was around she justs comes to the kitchen kinda like hide from her and drink milk and fill her tummy.even my DD was frustrated but she doesn't want to say anything negative about her, she just puts up with everything. last month my DDs friend was crying in school, my DD was asking her why? whats wrong? she didn't say anything, when my DD met with her friends older sister she told her she is crying etc.. this friend got soooo mad angry and treated my daughter like shit! whereas my DD was going after her, she said sorry, called her few times, said sorry and her friend would just hang up.and didnt speak to her for days! my DD has just flushed her self-respect etc down the toilet !my DD has a lot of friends in school and even if she meets someone she would make friends quickly, I have spoken to my DD so many times about this and so has her dad , she knows that we are not happy about this, her explanation is she is the only 'school friend lives close to me and visits me very often' i had seen enough. My problem here is that my DD copies all her behaviour! this change has happened in the last few months! she defends her friend. my husband and I are very stressed about this ! Please help !!!

languagelearner Mon 30-Jan-17 05:09:37

Oh, that was a difficult case. Pity it's not the other way around (your daughter being the one whose behaviour is copied by the friend).

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