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shared care arrangements (50/50) advice please

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JonWeaver Fri 27-Jan-17 23:41:11

My wife is leaving me - tells me the marriage is completely over. Weve agreed we both want to see our (6yr old) daughter as much as possible, so are trying to figure out which 50/50 plan might work best for us. Can anyone advise as to which 50/50 pattern worked well for them? I am thinking 3 days alternating - four days just seems like too long to be apart for anybody. Will people please share their personal experiences?

ivytable Sat 28-Jan-17 04:00:53

We have DSD every second Sunday till Thursday morning. On weeks when she isn't with us on Sundays she comes to us after school on Mondays. Works well for us because her dad doesn't work Wednesdays, but works Saturdays.

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