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Is this cheeky?

(3 Posts)
peggysmith Sun 25-Feb-07 17:01:01

There is a boy in my sons class at school who seems very spiteful towards him, he continuously ridicules him, his clothes, his bedroom, the things he has etc...he seems obsessed with money and constantly tells people he used to be rich but now he's poor etc...I had him over to our house for tea a couple of times but his behaviour was terrible so it soon stopped.

Anyway at school his behaviour towards my son is getting worse, he has started to physically attack him, tried to strangle him last week and has started telling others not to play with him etc...

I have been into school to see the teachers about him but what is annoying me is that we have to walk past his house to get to school, he stands at the door waiting and as soon as he see's us he shouts to his mum and she sends him across to walk to school with us! she doesn't even ask if it's ok, just assumes I will take him.

I didn't mind "to much" before he started bullying my son but now it seems as if they're taking the piss a bit.

What do you think?

GhostOfMumsnet Sun 25-Feb-07 17:06:16

I'd talk to his mum about what is happening.

Saturn74 Sun 25-Feb-07 17:10:39

What has the school done to stop this boy bullying your son?
I would tell his mother, in front of her son, that you are not prepared for her son to walk to school with you at the moment, as he is being unkind to your son.
If school have not told her about the situation, she is probably oblivious to it all.

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