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Holiday with a 7 1/2 month old

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user1485372536 Wed 25-Jan-17 19:39:31

HELP I'm due to go on holiday with my baby who will be 7 1/2 month old and I need tips. How do I feed him? Wash his clothes? What happens with routines?

MrsY87 Wed 25-Jan-17 19:55:24

Where are you going and staying?

We went to bali when our DD was 6 months, we stayed in a villa which was great as it meant we had access to a kitchen for milk and food prep. Took sterilising tablets with us and used those for bottles, spoons etc you can also buy microwave sterilising bags and disposable sterilising bags both of which are good. Used boiled tap water for making up feeds. If you are in a hotel there is normally a fridge/kettle so you can make up feeds easily.

took lots of Ella's pouches and also gave her bits of bread, fruit (which has a skin on), cooked veggies to nibble on etc. Depending on where you are you will likely be able to buy purées too, I know we have done in Europe.

After a couple of days her routine sort of fell back into place naturally but we were quite relaxed about it.

If you are staying in a villa/apartment there is normally a washing machine otherwise use the hotel laundry or better still just take lots of clothes with you!

7 months will be a great time to be away as once they can move it's a whole new ball game! Relax and enjoy, you'll have a great time! smile

Caterina99 Wed 25-Jan-17 20:13:17

It really depends where you're going and what stage your baby is at with eating solids and milk. Best option is usually self catering so you have access to a kitchen?

At 7.5 months my DS was just eating bits and pieces so bits of bread and fruit etc from our meals and some pouches would be fine for a holiday. Formula would be more of an issue so it really depends on your facilities.

You could take or buy some hand wash and wash his clothes if no washing machine? At least they are small. Or just take lots of clothes.

user1485372536 Wed 25-Jan-17 20:13:23

Thanks for the reassurance. I need the break but I'm quietly crapping myself!

We're going Morocco and most likely we'll be staying in a hotel. My baby pukes a heck of a lot at the moment and we usually go through a couple of outfits in a day, even with a bib on! So how much clothes can I realistically take?

I'm EBF at the moment, so not worried about bottles.

Do Ella's pouches need to be warmed up? Doubt we're going to come back to the hotel for lunch everyday!

Caterina99 Wed 25-Jan-17 20:41:51

Pouches are usually eaten at room temp. They don't have to be refrigerated if they haven't been opened, although I assume they have to be stored at a sensible temperature.

My DS was quite a sicky baby. That definitely improved once he got past about 6 months and started on solids.

I'd just take hand wash and wash clothes and bibs in the sink if needed. Dry on balcony. Just buy an extra multi pack of cheap vests as that's what he'll presumably be wearing mostly if it's hot. a few big muslins will be handy for shade/wiping/lying on/a million uses and you can give them a quick wash too.

Once we started solids we started getting DS to drink water from a cup with meals. Took him a while to get used to it, but it wasn't hot weather and I wasn't worried about his fluid intake. Although your DS will still get fluids from bf I'd look into getting him to drink water too if he will.

user1485372536 Thu 26-Jan-17 06:03:11

That's the other thing I was going to ask -what do I make him wear? I was under the impression that he needs to be fully covered hmm

Timefor2 Thu 26-Jan-17 06:33:28

That's such a great and easy age to take a baby away - particularly when breastfed. I agree pop some pouches in your bag but also fruit (not from buffets), bread and yoghurts are easy food at that age.

In morocco clothes will dry super quick so it's easy enough to do a hand wash. Also their clothes are so tiny and it'll be warm so you don't need tonnes of layers - so you can easily pack 14 vests and they take up no room at all.

All in one UV sunsuits and hats are brilliant if you'll be on a beach/near a pool to keep them covered. Sun tents are brilliant but probably too big for your luggage allowance so keep an eye out when you get their for one (again if you are going to the beach). Buy and try suncream in advance to check their skin is ok with it - Boots own Soltan was great for my baby.

Pushchairs, you go to check in and get a luggage tag but then can actually keep your pushchair all the way to the departure gate so that makes life at the airport much easier.
Keep in mind though that when you land, your pushchair is likely to come out at the barrage carosel and so if you have a baby carrier pop that into your hand luggage.

I've flown loads with my two year old and 6 months was by far the easiest - not mobile and breastfed so I fed her on take off and then she slept for 1.5 hours each way. Breastfeeding is great if their ears start to pop to keep them clear.

Don't stress, a little planning and a holiday with a baby is very straightforward indeed and lots of fun.

Caterina99 Thu 26-Jan-17 20:13:08

Keep babies in shade as much as possible. Sun hat (with ties as mine always just ripped it off) Shade for buggy. Long sleeved uv suit things for swimming and beach and baby sun cream.

I live in the US where it's v hot in summer. All the babies here wear summer clothes like vests, shorts, romper suits etc. They are kept in the shade as much as possible. I've maybe put a long sleeved white vest and leggings on my DS if we were doing a day out in the baby carrier where I though his arms would be too exposed (just like I'd wear a long sleeved top on a day out in hot sun with no shade) but normally he's in his buggy with a sun shade.

Shenanagins Thu 26-Jan-17 20:16:40

I would suggest getting sterilisation bags from boots. Great for popping in cutlery etc when water may be a bit suspect.

juneau Thu 26-Jan-17 20:22:34

I don't think its particularly hot in Morocco in Jan - warm yes - but 20-odd rather than 30-odd. And no, babies don't have to be covered up, but you might want to do so to keep the sun off his delicate skin.

You might want to dress modestly (i.e. legs, shoulders and cleavage). It depends where you're going. I went to Marrakech and I felt a lot more comfortable covering myself (and I didn't get hissed at, unlike more scantily clad westerners!), but if you're going to Essaouira or one of the beach towns I think it's a bit more tolerant.

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