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Dueindecember2016 Wed 25-Jan-17 19:22:38

What are your thoughts on infacol?

RPC3110 Wed 25-Jan-17 23:01:33

In what way?
Infacol is good but I wouldn't rely on it

kel12345 Thu 26-Jan-17 00:07:33

My lo never had colic thankfully. But I've heard it's quite good. Why?

memyselfandaye Thu 26-Jan-17 00:12:28

Ok, but Colief is better.

Dueindecember2016 Thu 26-Jan-17 04:25:08

Lots of people o speak to don't rate it and say it's pointless. Our baby is extremely gassy and the doctor recommended it to us to try.

I was just after other parents opinions to see what you thought of it or if there is anything else out there.

Fluffybrain Thu 26-Jan-17 04:28:57

I found it great and used a lot.

Firefries Thu 26-Jan-17 04:36:15

Yes good if your bubs needs it. i would if I were there again.

Littlelegs19 Thu 26-Jan-17 04:40:21

It was the only thing that worked for my DS. Colief didn't work and I couldn't get him to take enough gripebwayer for it to be effective.

Newbiecat Thu 26-Jan-17 04:54:20

There is no medical evidence for the use of infacol or colief. Our local children's hospital pharmacy doesn't even stock it! You will always find anecdotal reports of success, however it's more likely that simultaneous methods people try such as using a dummy, wearing a sling, movement are what helps.
Having said all that, my first child was colicky and I gave infacol a try, ha ha! It won't do any harm apart from to your wallet - colief is very costly too.
This is a good article on colic.
At the end of the day it will improve and causes your baby no long term harm. I hope it settles soon for you.

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Thu 26-Jan-17 04:59:54

Will your baby take a bottle? If they will; dentinox colic stuff can be added to the feed so you don't need them to swallow it, I find it helps, DD2 and now new baby have it in early evening/ night feeds- when they are sleepy so less likely to wind as well so it doesn't build up and lead to an unsettled night.

catsarenice Thu 26-Jan-17 05:02:58

DD used to scream in the evenings arching back etc. Tried infacol and that had all stopped within a couple of days. I mentioned it to dsis and she said 'oh yeah that stuffs great did I not mention it?' No you bloody didn't after 3 weeks of screaming!

Shadowboy Thu 26-Jan-17 05:06:30

Didn't work on my first. Felt a bit pointless so we gave up with it after 3 weeks.

Heirhelp Thu 26-Jan-17 07:14:28

Did nothing for my baby but that was because the problem was reflux. Gripe water did wonders for wind but they have to be 4 weeks for that.

Summerdays2014 Thu 26-Jan-17 14:10:47

Worked for us in conjunction with anti colic bottles. We tried colief first but found it very fiddly.

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