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How to juggle the school RUN?!

(2 Posts)
FraggleRock77 Wed 25-Jan-17 11:41:34

Just looking for some helpful tips? How do people manage the school run with a 3 year old and a pending new baby. We currently have a 15 min car journey too?
Also, does anyone else just dread the idea of years of the school run?

LiveLifeWithPassion Wed 25-Jan-17 12:35:03

You'll find a routine that works for you.
Get everything ready the night before so bags, clothes, hat, gloves ready the night before.
Keep wipes in the car in case breakfast ends up being eaten on the way.
We can't have the tv on in the morning as the kids would find it hard to drag themselves away from it and things took 10x longer.
We did have YouTube phonics and timestables songs though.

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