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Tell me about cloth/reusable nappies

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SleepForTheWeak Sun 22-Jan-17 13:08:20

Due DC2 in June and would really like to use cloth nappies (DH needs a bit of convincing though!!). I do t have any nappy libraries or council incentive schemes near me so all my research has been Google based.

There are so many options and really confused by it all!! I'm drawn towards the one size pocket nappies, littlelamb have a good deal if you buy several.

If you use them can you let me know what kind/pros and cons/any tips or advice e.g. buy one or two from different t companies?


Ditsy79 Sun 22-Jan-17 21:35:58

I used cloth for my daughter, who is now 3.5. All my research was done via the www as I knew nobody else who had used cloth nappies. The NappyLady site has a questionnaire you can complete, and she will send you recommendations. There is no obligation to buy, and I found it really useful. We used a combination of sized nappies (little lambs) with a wrap over the top (mother ease) and Bumgenius Freetime (all in one system that goes from birth to potty training). We got on fine with both, but had less leaks with the sizes nappies.
I didn't use pocket nappies, so can't really give any opinion on them. There is so much choice out there I found it a bit overwhelming.
There is a section on talk about nappies (think it is in Products) where you might find some useful threads, or get more answers.

MyMrKnightley Sun 22-Jan-17 22:07:48

Love my little lamb sized nappies with wraps - one word bombproof!

My dh was to be convinced and I went with a system that people said was really reliable. The truth is disposable nappies leak but people don't give up on them and go to reusable as much as the other way around. With a to be convinced DH I wanted leakproof and they really are, I've had one wee leak in the 8 weeks I've used them so far (ds is 11 weeks) and that was when I put him in dungarees that were on the tight side and no poo escapes. I had many leaks in disposables.

MyMrKnightley Sun 22-Jan-17 22:10:55

Oh and have you looked into cheeky wipes as well - if you're washing nappies you may as well wash wipes too. They are much more effective at poo cleaning than disposable.

allthatnonsense Sun 22-Jan-17 22:14:52

Little lambs bamboo shaped with wrap and the sized pockets with milovia inserts are excellent.

Milovia pockets are lovely and soft, stain and leak free.

Bumgenius and totsbots are a bit overrated in my opinion.

If I could start my stash from scratch I'd stick with little lambs.

SleepForTheWeak Mon 23-Jan-17 00:18:40

Thank you!

The little lambs are so much more reasonably priced than others I have seen.

Can you buy the wraps from them too? Do the wraps have to be the same make as the nappy?

NotCitrus Mon 23-Jan-17 00:45:17

Wraps don't have to be same make as the nappy, but some will be better than others. I would go on Facebook preloved nappy groups or Cloth Nappy Tree and get a range of nappies as some babies suit some brands better (and the more nappies you have, the better). Then you can re-sell a bundle later. Not many environmental benefits if everyone uses brand new nappies!

FWIW we found Bumgenius worked on a long skinny baby, Motherease and Blueberry on chubby ones, TotsBots best on the latter. Itti Bitti worked well on both but expensive...

MyMrKnightley Tue 24-Jan-17 08:36:36

I use the little lamb wraps mainly but also use motherease wraps and they work well too, they are more granny bloomer ish than little lamb which is perfect for nighttime when you need to boost nappies to last longer.

I chose little lamb because I was too stingy to buy the smaller motherease wrap which is 6-12lb I think (mainly as I was expecting a big baby) Medium motherease is from 10lb, then my ds surprised us at being less than 8lb so started with little lamb wraps that are from 7lb and like them a lot.

QuercusQuercus Tue 24-Jan-17 09:08:47

We used the Bumgenius all-in-one birth to potty nappies. They were a bit big for our daughter when she was a newborn, but did a great job c. 3-17 months. Now she's a bit bigger and doing bigger wees, we find they leak. Potty training soon though, so not a big problem. She's a big girl(98th percentile) so it may be that. Overall a great buy tho. Quick drying, minimum fuss. My husband took some persuading but found them easy to use.

The nappy lady questionnaire is brilliant. I recommend it.

Your local council may run a scheme where they give you money towards washable nappies. Ours does. Check it out

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