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"daddy, i need a wee"

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asleep Sat 24-Feb-07 06:58:29

DP wants to take DD (5) to the cinema but he wants me to go with them in case DD needs the toilet. he wouldn't take her into the men's loos and he wouldn't go into the ladies. he wouldn't send her on her own. he wanted me to ask on here what the etiquette is.

katelyle Sat 24-Feb-07 07:09:35

My dp used to take dd out and about a lot when she was little. He used to (in this order)(1) Use the disabled loo (2) Take her into the gents if it was OK - usually at cinemas they are and are all cubicle affairs apparently and (3) ask if she could tag along with another child and a friendly looking mum going into the ladies and (4) if it was a cinema or a soft play place or something like that, let her go in by herself. She could certainly manage a pee by herself at that age - poos more of a problem!

longwaytogoandabitfurther Sat 24-Feb-07 07:21:56

Gosh I really don't know what he has done when out on his own with dd's two of them are 14 and 12 and never remember it being a problem. Maybe or probably never went anywhere on his own with them. Littlest dd I don't think he takes anywhere on his own but my first thought when reading this was use the disabled toilet.

Sugarmagnolia Mon 26-Feb-07 08:53:18

Either go with her into a disabled loo or let her go into the ladies by herself and wait right outside the door. At 5 I would imagine she can manage by herself - I'm sure she does at school, doesn't she?

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