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LauraLovesDaisy Thu 19-Jan-17 16:08:09

Hi everyone
At the moment I am living on a merry go round of caffeine, sugar and paracetamol (for headaches). I stuff my face and drink tea all day but what I really need is SLEEP! Daughter aged 3 months is not sleeping through through the night yet. Some days she sleeps better than others of course. Unsurprisingly I get a lot of headaches.
Anyone else the same?
I'm sure it gets easier at some point!!!

PostTruthEra Thu 19-Jan-17 16:13:37

I was the same for a few weeks. It does get easier as they get bigger, and settle into a slightly more predictable routine.

At three months your baby is still very little and it's normal and healthy for her to not sleep through the night, no matter what anyone else says. Are you bottle feeding or breastfeeding? Are you doing a dream feed right before you go to bed? What time does your baby go to sleep?

Try to make sure you drink lots of water, you'll feel better for it.

ODog Sat 21-Jan-17 14:14:36

Not sleeping through the night at 3mo is very normal. My 2.7yo rarely sleeps through and my 8mo has managed it twice ever (and certainly not recently). First I would adjust your expectations around sleep a little and accept that this is how it may well be for some time. Second is to get maximum sleep when you can. Go to bed early (as in whenever the baby goes down for the night). Let your partner get up with baby in the morning where possible so you can lie in. Safely cosleeping helps especially if bf as you can feed baby laying on your side. Try to nap with baby at least once a day. Thirdly (especially if bf), make sure you eat and drink plenty of nutritious, slow release energy foods.

It does get easier and you do get used to it. I haven't had a full nights sleep for 3yrs and if you had told me I'd be totally fine I wouldn't have believed you.

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