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Child school pick up

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Janemary1976 Thu 19-Jan-17 13:22:31

Can anyone help. Although still living together XH and I are divorced with son of 6. XH can only pick up son from school on Wed but never has. His parents pick up son from school on Thur. House is up for sale so soon to be living apart but XH wants to go to court to obtain 8/6 access, I want 10/4. XH wants to pick up on Wed as part of 8/6 and his parents continue so he has two nights access in the week whereas I think one night is fair, already agreed EOW. I've now stated that from now on I will pick up son on Thur and he can pick up on Wed, only day he can.
XH is furious, threatening me with CAFCASS, solicitors, can anyone help, any experiences like this?

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