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18 month old still getting up for milk!

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carterrw15 Wed 18-Jan-17 08:22:17

Hi everyone.

Does anyone have any tips on getting my son off milk in the night. He still gets up for 1-2 bottles every night. He has half a bottle before bed which obviously I don't mind but does he really need to still be getting up for milk? He has plenty to eat through the day so I can't see him being hungry in the night.

What is the best way to go about it without unsettling him too much?

Tia xxxx

c737 Wed 18-Jan-17 13:13:53

No advice sorry but watching with interest as my 16 month old is exactly the same.

eurochick Wed 18-Jan-17 13:15:21

Ours just stopped wanting milk by herself around 18-19 months. Don't give up hope!

mouldycheesefan Wed 18-Jan-17 13:19:42

Only give water at night. Yes they will cry. But nighttime is sleep time not eating time. May take a few nights to break the habit so do it when you can bear a few sleepless nights.

Cosmicglitterpug Wed 18-Jan-17 13:24:18

DD2 did this until 22 months. shock.
I could have tried (should have really) to just give water but I always felt broken at 3.30 am. It will stop it try watering the milk down and giving less. (Advice I read but didnt take).

NickyEds Wed 18-Jan-17 13:27:28

Just stop. No more bottles and no more milk in the night, just offer water. He'll get used to it in no time.

carterrw15 Wed 18-Jan-17 15:10:56

Thanks guys!
I wasn't sure if he would eventually stop on his own as I thought he would just get used to it. I dream about the day when he will sleep through... which hasn't happened yet! Haha xxx

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